My Word as a Dominant

Today I want to talk about something that has gotten lost in today’s society.

A man’s word.

In times past if a man gave his word about something you could count on it being done. No quibbling, no negotiations, it WILL be done.

A man’s word and a handshake launched industry, assured repayment, and created a bond of trust.

And if a man broke his word… baring acts of the uncontrollable universe getting in the way… he was pariah. Frends would not speak to him, stores would not sell to him, no woman would have him. And even if it was not his fault his word was broken and people understood, he would still feel bad about it for weeks.

A man’s word was not given lightly. He had to be shure beyond doubt that he could and would do what was asked of him.

Now days most men treat their word as if they are talking to a nagging wife. “Take out the trash!”…. “fine.. you have my word I will take it out.” And he may or may not do it.

And braking your word now days has little to no impact. No one cares if you gave your word and broke it except maybe the person you gave it to and often not even them. It is just a saying now days.

This saddens me. How can you give your word and have people now days really understand the depth of commitment that comes with that if your word means the same as “fine… I will take out the trash”.

I dont know about other doms but i believe if there is one place that understands what it truly means to give your word… it is the bdsm community. When a dom or master gives his word.. it should be taken with the knowledge that they WILL absolutely do what they say. And establish a bind of trust with whom ever they gave it to. Unfortunately there are not as many who hold the old school values in the community as there once was. So even here a doms word does not mean what it once did.

So I will end with this.. do not give your word lightly. And do not ask for the word of another lightly. For some of us take it VARY seriously.

3 thoughts on “My Word as a Dominant

  1. I take it very seriously, I didn’t used to and I got hurt more then I care to admit. Now honesty is the biggest thing for me. Lie and you might not get another chance

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  2. This hits home for me because it’s the very reason I’ve lost trust in my husband. In the things he says he will do and doesn’t.
    I live by my word, even it if means I have to sacrifice to do so. Usually. There are always exceptions.

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    1. Yes.. sometimes there are circumstances that prevent me from keeping my word. But they are rare. Vary rare. And even when I say I will do something without giving my word I am careful to be shure it is both something I can do and that I can do it when I say I can. If I am unshure when or if I can do something I say so.

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