I recently helped my boss at work recognize that he was getting scammed. It was a multi level marketing scam combined with a crypto currency startup scam. Fortunately with a bit of research I was able to prove this and he was able to get most of his money back. Unfortunately there are others that were invested in it that did not believe they were being scammed and are still in it. So it got me thinking about why scams work. I think if people understood this better then they would be much more likely to not fall for them, or if they do be willing to see the truth when it is presented.

This applies to bdsm as well. I have heard numerous horror stories of doms or even occasional subs using these same methods to take advantage of people. Especially people who are new to the lifestyle. So read on my kinky friends and armor yourself agenst the asshats.

First… confidence. Usually they will try to convince you of something you know little about. And every thing they tell you will often seem true, a good con man will only lie about a few important things, leaving the rest of his story true. That way if you dont look vary deeply everything seems correct.

Second… choice. Once they have your confidence they will always give you a choice while dangling whatever it is you want in front of you. It’s a false choice. No one ever chooses the duck that poops everywhere over the unicorn that farts cash. This give the person being scammed a false sence of controll that reinforces thair confidence that they are doing the right thing.

Third… the fool. No one wants to feel foolish. Or admit they were lied to and believed it. Or even worse that all that hard earned money is gone and they will never see it again. Once someone is invested in a scam it is vary difficult to convince them of the truth. They want so badly for the lie to be true that they will ignore any fact that contradicts the lie. Aka. “Dont try to confuse me with the facts. Trump is a great president ”

Fourth… the fool becomes the con. Once the con artist has people fooled they will do the work of bringing others into the con for him. If everyone believes it, it must not be a lie right?

Fifth.. fame. If famous or important people endorse it it must be true right? Of course! Now here is the deal.. I have this bridge I am selling, 50 cent and Leonard Nimoy have already bought in… what can I put you down for? People are people. Just because someone is importent does not mean they dont get scammed.

So.. now that you know all this how do you use it? Simple. Look for the flags.

1. Is it too good to pass up? Yes? Scam.

2. Will it solve all your problems? Yes? Scam.

3. Is it easy to see the cost? No? Scam.

Be safe out there. Best of luck.

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