Lethargic morning

Lethargy.. yes, that sums up my morning neatly.

The dog decided it was time for me to get up 10min before my alarm was set.. not enough time to go back to sleep.

Having my breakfast tea.. allergies are high today.. blarg.

Getting dressed feels like a chore..

Whose bright idea was it to make 9am the start of the average work day.. I want to kick that guy in the jimmies.

No.. realy I dont.. mostly because it sounds like too much effort.

Now that I am well and truly awake the dog is snoring right next to me…

You think he might be a minor demon? An imp maybe? Meh.. guess he is entitled. I did have his nuts cut off.

Birds sing happily outside my window.. fuck off bird! Way to early to be that chipper.

Tea has gone cold… and the hot water is waaaaay over there in the kitchen.. not shure if the 15 ft walk is worth it.

Yah.. just one of those mornings.

Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Let’s begin our day!

Please enjoy these soothing sounds that really make you want to go back to bed…

Enjoy your day at work!


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