Introducing! The one!

The only!

The man with two hands!

Watch him and be inspired!

See wonders and be amazed!




I got nothing.

That’s how I am feeling today. You remember those old cartoons where someone opens their wallet and moths fly out? That’s what I feel like when I try to do something creative today. Just drawing a blank. The musket is in my hands, I aim…. pull the trigger… and bloop! The ball rolls out of the barrel and drops into a puddle. Maybe I am in a funk? Or a fugue? Not shure but it is starting to annoy me. The world seems dull today. Like the shiny bits are there but have no sparkle. Sleepwalking through my day. I now have 3 unfinished poems and 2 unfinished blogs. I keep trying to jumpstart things by writing and the spark is there but the powder is all wet.


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