Passive vs. Active submission

Most dominants have a type. I am not talking about redhead vs. Brunette or skinny vs. Plump. I am talking about mindset. I have found that almost all forms of submission fall into the active or passive categories, and most dominants prefer one or the other.

If you are a submissive, think about this scenario… your dominants birthday is coming up. How do you think about what may happen?

Do you look forward to it hopeing he/she will do something special with you? Or do you ask permission to plan a special birthday dinner, date, scene… ext…

That’s the difference between active and passive. Passive submission is only acting or doing something to please your dominant when instructed to do so. Active submission is knowing your dominant well enough to anticipate their wants, needs and desires and acting to please them without haveing to be told. There is no right or wrong here. They are just different. I myself prefer a submissive that actively submits. I find the thought of them putting time and effort into finding new and exciting ways to please me both erotic and inspiring. Kind of like the difference between a handmade gift and something bought at the store because I told them I wanted it. While I would enjoy that nice new crop I saw in the window, if a sub was to MAKE me a crop…. see what I am getting at? I feel like the level of understanding and connection that comes with active submission is much more my style. There are plenty of dominants that prefer a more passive submission though.

If you are a dominant, think about this scenario… would you rather order your submissive to cook you breakfast naked while wearing a wireless rotor. Or would you rather wake up to the sounds of cooking with the remote next to your pillow, push the button and hear a Yelp and moan from the kitchen.

Passive or active? What is your type?

Best wishes -SirHanz

5 thoughts on “Passive vs. Active submission

  1. Sir, thank you for this post. Gave me a new angle to think about. I am a passive slave mostly, but occasionally am active in doing things (chores) that I am not expected to do but that help my Master and Mistress. You’ve given me reason to think about a more active submission. My only question is if, say, I were to make a crop for them, is that being directive, leading my dom and domme? Am I, in a sense, telling them what they should do to me?

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    1. Only if you do so without asking. If you ask if it is something you may do for them and they say yes then it is active submission. You are correct in thinking if you were to do so without permission then it may be topping from the bottom. Good luck!

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  2. I think i’m more naturally inclined to active submission with the Bear and i know that’s what He prefers (at least i have finally figured that out! lol) but like shae i always worried of topping!
    Cognitively i know that the intent is in this case more important than the action itself but still that impasse was stuck in my head over it all. I’ve written about it various times myself, i use writing as a form of release and bringing together of ideas, but it is nice however to have the idea reinforced by someone else. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Locally… yes some Kink has its own local words and flavors… “active submission” would in many ways be known as “anticipatory service”. Good thoughts and observations here.

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