Zen and the art of Dominance

Student: “master? What is zen dominance?”

Master: “you will understand when you know the sound of one hand slapping ”

Student: “but master.. how can I…” *SMACK*

Student: *rubbing bruised ass* “oh…”

I know… I know… cheesey right? But before you smerk and go on to do something else.. stop and think for a moment.

The student just learned 3 things. Can you work out what they were?

Now.. while you twist your brain around trying to figure out what I might be getting at let’s talk about learning…. if you work through a problem yourself rather than just being told the answer are you more likely to remember and make use of it? Yes, of course. So why would teaching a submissive be any different? Now I know that this is probably one of the hardest ways for a dominant to teach, guiding a submissive in the direction you want them to go but not giving them the answer.

I know…. sometimes you just want to scream and smack them and show them exactly how to do it. But resist. Because you are a dominant, you are in control of yourself. Allowing a submissive to frustrate you into giving them the answer…. is that dominance? No. It’s not.

This kind of teaching can be overt.


Dom : “clean the dishes”

Sub : *washes the dishes and stacks them* “all done”

Dom : “wrong.” *smack* “do it right.”

Sub : *rewashes the dishes, drys them, puts them away*

Dom : “now you know how to do the dishes”

Or it can be manipulative and subtle.


Dom : *does the dishes… badly. Leaves food stuck to the plates* “help me with the dishes will you?”

Sub : *eyes dirty dishes* “oh! Sir! Allow me to wash those from now on.”

Dom : “I will put away the dry ones..” *grabs a wet metal bowl, it slips and crashes to the floor makeing a horrendous racket*

Sub : “please allow me to do that for you sir” *rewashes dishes, dries them and puts them away*

Dom : *grins*

If you work out what the 3 things the student learned… let me know in the comments. *grin*

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