I fucking hate….. heat. I have a high metabolism and my normal body temperature runs slightly high because of it. Combine that with the fact my body does not shed heat well and I get uncomfortable at 80 degrees if there is no breeze to carry away the heat. At 90 to 95… I am miserable, it’s not hot enough to get rid of the humidity but hot enough to make me cook. High humidity prevents sweat from evaporating and keeps the body from cooling itself. At 100 degrees the humidity at ground level drops because the water rises. I am actually more comfortable at 100 than a humid 90. There are only a few exceptions, one is atics. The heat and humidity both get trapped up there, and there is no airflow to carry the heat away from your body. At 100 degrees it is 130 in the atic with 90% humidity. That shit will kill you if your not careful. And for me? It’s worse.

Most of my work is generally outside, so summers in Texas are brutal for me. Today there is a heat advisory with temperatures on the heat index of 113 expected and it got me thinking… using the environment for bdsm is totally a thing! Up north it’s the cold, snow and ice can have soooo many uses.

But down here in texas…. its heat. Burning hot metal… sweat… sunburn.. your sub misbehaving? Just have them stand outside nude for 2-3 hours. You dont have to spank them to turn their ass pink. Or have them sit naked on the black metal folding chair you left to bake in the sun all day. Get creative.. yes.. heat sucks. But its slightly more bearable if it sucks more for someone else.

Stay cool and dont sweat it. -SirHanz

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