Yoga Pants

Firstly, let me Express my sincere thanks to whom ever invented this and made it ok for ladies to walk around in public showing off their assets.

Second, why would you wear them to work? I asked a coworker at the yoga center where I cook sometimes. The conversation went like this…

Me “just wanted to make shure you knew… I can totally see your underwear though your yoga pants”

her “yah I know”

me “you realize you are a walking sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s like if I look I am fired for harassment, if I don’t look I am lying cuz I cant not look.”

Her ” they are just comfortable, and i like to be comfortable when i am working ”

Me *facepalm * “you are killing me here. What if i get distracted and burn myself? Or add too much salt?”

Her “dont do that”

So what have we learned..

1. Fine for around the house.

2. Great if you want to be eye candy.

3. Yes. If they have a print on them or are a light color I can see your thong.

4. Please dont wear them to work. The job is hard enough without accidents happening or being fired for looking at your ass.

5. Seriously… it’s like your not wearing pants. If you wear them in public you are not allowed to give men the evil eye for looking at your legs and ass when you walk around.

Ok rant over. Just for research purposes I am going to need you to pick up the pennies on the floor without bending your knees. Do it for science.

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