Kink 105

I know you have been holding your breath waiting for this one..


Before I start this exploration into my kink I need to preface this with a few warnings.

1. Breathplay is dangerous. It is considered a form of edgeplay for a reason.

2. Untill you are fully educated on how to do this safely…do not attempt it. And when you think you understand everything.. learn more.

3. Be aware of the physical stress you are putting on your partner. Know their limits and how far you can push them. Every sub is different, and even if they are willing to be pushed YOU need to be the one to put limits on how far they are safely allowed to go.

Well… now that the surgeon general’s warnings are out of the way.. what’s that?… you want to breathe? Hm… let me think about it.. no, no, dont rush me… I am thinking..

Let me introduce you to a fun little word. Hypoxia. When you are not getting enough oxygen to the brain all kinds of things start to happen. The fight or flight part of the brain activates. Heartrate increases as the body struggles to supply more oxygen. You are given a hefty dose of endorphins and adrenaline. Vision and hearing start to fade but the sence of touch is heightened as nerve endings go into overdrive. Lightheadedness, then euphoria. Going farther mussels start to spasm and clench as the body struggles to supply air. Panic and fear dump epic amounts of endorphins as thought begins to slow. Then finally unconsciousness.

There are lots of ways people achieve this to varying degrees and depending on the submissive. And some are more dangerous than others. Usually any method that applies pressure to the windpipe is considered more dangerous.

Here are some of the more common forms of breathplay.


Vacume bed.

Choking using a hand,

Or an object,

Or a rope,

Or a belt.

Air control.

Breathplay using water.

Or even chest compression using corsets, weights, straps, or devices.

There is a ton of trust required for breathplay. The submissive is literally putting their life into the hands of another. And that other is going to make them feel like it is being taken away. Makeing shure your submissive is fully prepared and capable of this is a necessity.

The shared experience can create incredibly strong bonds between a dom and sub. But if done wrong it can degrade or even shatter those bonds. Aftercare is particularly important with any form of edgeplay, breathplay in particular can cause massive subdrop due to the mental and physical stress the submissive goes through.

Hope this has been both fun and informative.

The practice of breathplay can be arousing, intense, beautiful, and exhilarating. Take your time.. learn… and enjoy.. it’s a hell of a ride.

Play safe and have fun -SirHanz

5 thoughts on “Kink 105

  1. I practice self-breath play. The euphoria and rush is an addicting thing. You can get high off it and can do it anywhere.
    They say breathing is meditative but so is not. I’m not talking about using external forces to control my breath, just my own will to overcome that instinct to flood your body with oxygen.
    It’s safe for that reason. It would be nearly impossible to force harm on yourself if you are the one in control. I don’t do it often but when I do no other feeling comes close.

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