A hot one for the ladies

Ewww… no. No. No. No.no. get your head out of the gutter. We have not even started yet!

Ok. It’s a riddle. Figure it out and try not to perv out too much…

Hint 1. It is smaller than a bread box. :p

Hint 2. You may cry out when it goes inside you.

Hint 3. You may feel a warmth deep in your belly.

Hint 4. Careful when handling it. It may drip.

Hint 5. You get different amounts depending on how hard you push.

Hint 6. Once you have had it you will come back for more.

Hint 7. With the right tools and ingredients you can make it yourself.

No more hints! First one to guess correctly wins a prize! Enjoy reality grinding on this one…. lol

Best of luck -SirHanz

8 thoughts on “A hot one for the ladies

      1. Who said I want to win? I have some guesses but it’s more fun withholding them


    1. Good guess but coffee usually doesn’t make you cry. Unless its really really bad coffee I guess. But nope. That’s not it. Feel free to try again though.


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