Kink 112


I do a lot of heavy lifting and generally physical things at work, so to say i have knots in my muscles is soo the understatement. As a result of this it is rare that I feel completely relaxed. So haveing someone (especially a submissive) work the knots out of sore muscles? Yah.. soooo good. Ever hurt yourself and couldn’t get to the doctor for a couple days? Then you get there and he gives you a pain pill and it feels soooo good just not to be in pain anymore? That’s what it does to me. And if you think haveing a sexy submissive rub the knots out of my back and arms doesn’t make me want to reward them… especially if I can move without feeling stiff or sore… definitely time to play. So is it kinky? No.. not really. But is it a kink to me? Definitely. Even a good hand massage after running a chainsaw all day can be erotic and sexy.

Want to please your hard working dom? Get out the oil and ask him to lay down so you can work on his back and shoulders. And if your in the mood you can strip and give him a nuru massage. (If you dont know what that is google it. Your dom will thank you)

Not only is it physical relaxation but it also releases endorphins makeing you feel good. The sensual contact of skin on skin is also something that calms the mind and gives you a general sense of wellbeing.

Just dont use it as a bribe to keep from getting punished. (Looking at you submissives) your just limbering your dom up to spank you. (Yah.. it may actually work but you will feel bad about it.)

Bottom line is this.. never a bad time for a massage. Its sexy as hell and feels amazing.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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