Rules for life

1. Buy extra forks. You think you have enough.. you dont.

2. Be kind to strangers. You never know when they may help you in the future.

3. Dont buy cheap shoes. They will fall apart 20 times as fast as a well made pair.

4. Dont buy something just because its brand name. If it’s not made well that logo on the side dont mean squat.

5. Deep breath. Good. Now do that the rest of your life. Oxygen makes you stronger, smarter, and faster.

6. Think more, talk less.

7. Eat well but healthy.

8. Sleep when you can, you will almost certainly never get enough.

9. Learn something new every day.

10. Keep your secrets.

11. Tell your secrets to the one you love.

12. Dont lie to yourself.

13. Stop caring about what people you dont know think of you.

14. When old people give you advice.. listen.

15. Be loyal. It’s better to have one friend that would follow you into hell than a hundred who dont have time to help when you need them.

16. Try not to get into fights.

17. If you have to fight, remember.. there is no such thing as a fair fight when they are trying to hurt you or a loved one. Use whatever you have to put them down.

18. Always know the odds. But know some things are worth the risk.

19. Know your limits.

20. Be willing to injure yourself to save yourself or another.

21. Anger is weakness.

22. Drink more water.

23. Never ask someone to do a job your not willing to do.

24. Always know that you could be wrong.

25. Get a nice bed. Being well rested is important. And you never know who may end up tied to it.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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