Kink 113


There are many different meanings for collars in the bdsm community. But one thing they all have in common is they say “this is mine”.

The most common collars are these.

1. Collar of protection. The first step in the process. It signals that the submissive is still free to do as they like but are under the watchful eye and protection of a dominant. It is usually something simple, a thin leather band with a ring for example.

2. Collar of consideration. The second step. By accepting a collar of consideration a submissive is saying that they are no longer looking for a dominant, and if the dominant finds her worthy she or he may be taken into service more permanently. Think of it as the bdsm equivalent of something in between a promise ring and an engagement ring. This collar is usually of more substantial design than a protection collar.

3. Collar of ownership. This is usually the Last collar to be given. It has deep meaning in the bdsm community. It shows that the dominant has accepted the submissive as his/hers. This is not something given lightly. It is a symbol of the trust and commitment between the dominant and submissive. It is vary much like a wedding band in bdsm. These collars differ quite a bit depending on the tastes of the dominant and submissive. They can be simple or ornate, metal or leather. The important thing is the meaning it has to the dom that gives it and the sub that wears it.

I myself have one more collar. I have never given it before and am not shure I ever will.

4. The collar of life. I designed this collar myself and maybe one day will find someone devoted enough to wear it. I will make it by hand. (I have some skill as a blacksmith) it will be a Damascus steal band with silver and gold inlay. It has no hinge and must be bent around the neck of the submissive. It has an internal catch lock to close and secure it. It cannot be removed without cutting it off, once it is closed… it is permanent. This is my last collar, the last I will ever give. It is a lifetime commitment to and from the submissive. I have not made it because it must be made to the dimensions of the submissive it is to be given.

Collars in use.

Collars are more than a symbol they are tools for the dominant as well. There are many different kinds with different uses. Some are used like cuffs to secure a submissive into a certain position,

or to make them feel controlled.

Or to enforce discipline.

I am not possessive but I am protective of what is mine. And haveing a collar on a submissive makes them feel safe and cared about while giving the dominant a feeling of control and protectiveness.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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