Kink 114


The willingness of a submissive to open themselves to me and give up their will into my hands…. yes. This is my biggest kink.

I have saved this blog for last as i wanted to put a lot of thought into it. So take my hand and let me show you what submission is to me, and why it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

It all starts with desire.. the desire to let go… let go of control.. let go of fear.. let go of responsibilities.. let go of thought.. and just feel. No living in denial of secret needs.. no more haveing to wear the mask that you show the world. Completely free to be your deep down real self. The self that wants to be loved, protected, fucked, given honesty and trust, given permission to revel in your darkest desires and then comforted as you lay exhausted, the you that wants to just let go of everything knowing someone will let you just feel and keep you from harm, the you that wants all this more than anything but cant take the step off the cliff.

And that’s where the dominant comes in. We give that push. We push right up to the edge… then holding your hand… ask you to jump.

Through time and communication we build the trust that allows the submissive to no longer have to think about if it is something to fear or shy away from, it is enough to know that it is our will and to know we would never bring them to harm.

And when they let go and step smiling from the edge of the cliff.. *sigh* the word beauty is pale and sickly compared to how they look through my eyes.. there is no word that I can conjure that holds that feeling of awe. This gift.. so freely given.. this life.. cradled in ny hands.. extraordinary. To hold such control over another person, and know that they want that… it is both humbling and exaltent.

I could talk about what a submissive does or how they act but to me that’s not what makes submission such a kink to me. Shure.. I enjoy those things… quite a lot. But to me it’s the headspace.. the mindset.. that I find most exciting. Anyone can do what they are told. A submissive WANTS to do what they are told and gets pleasure from seeing their dom happy. Small gestures like a simple pat on the head or a “well done” mean the world to them. It’s not the words or the gesture that matter… it’s that they came from their dominant. It is the dominant showing his pleasure. And that… is something incredibly special to a submissive.

Many submissives work a long time to reach that mindset. It is part of the dominants enjoyment to teach and guide the submissive. Building them up to be the best version of themselves so they may choose to serve the dominant in more and better ways. It is a difficult road.. but the view is amazing.

For myself it all comes down to choice. Choosing to serve and learn under me is a huge thing to me. I take this responsibility vary seriously, but through it I find the unrestrained affection that I crave. It is the submissive that gives the dominant their power, their control. Without the choice and concent I have neither and would not seek to impose them. To me… forcing submission defeats the purpose. It is a gift. Freely given. Or it is not something I want. But that is just the start. Once the gift has been received and concent given.. I will push. I will dominate. And as long as it doesn’t violate a hard limit, I will absolutely force a submissive to do things. But there is a method.. a goal.. a reshaping of needs.. everything has a purpose.

And for me… that.. is my biggest kink. Submission.

Hope you enjoyed my dive into my own kink list… untill next time..

Best wishes -SirHanz

9 thoughts on “Kink 114

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to write. And I dont claim to fully understand it, I am not shure I ever will. But the end of the journey is not the point. I learn more from each new interaction, and that is part of what makes it so captivating.

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  1. You describe it so perfectly. I especially love the strong submissive just looking for someone stronger than them. It’s rare for me to find. There is no power shift I’m I’m stronger than him and it destroys the experience.
    Letting go of that strength with another is freeing. The burden is gone and you know they are holding it for you. They can’t if they are not stronger than you.

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