Dinner in summer

The sun was still high as he showed her to the table on the patio..

She walked out the door a half step behind him, the heat hit her like a wave…

The vary air seemed to sizzle. Above the metal grate of the table the air rippled like water..

Without a word he pulled out the seat for her, she slid into the seat wincing as her naked thighs beneath the sundress touched the hot metal…

A bead of sweat began a slow journey down her neck..

Smiling, he sat across from her and pulled away the cloth covering their food.

She eyed his bowl… ice cream.. of course it was…

Now openly grinning he spoke as he retrieved his spoon.”shall we enjoy our meal?”

Her eyes turned downward.. excited.. dreading… chilli..

The smell of peppers and cumin wraped around her her thoughts focused on his dancing eyes.. damm him.. and I bet he made it spicey too…

Determined to not show weakness she primly lifted her spoon and casually popped a bite in her mouth..

His grin widened as sweat began to bead on her brow.. here it comes… she chewed, swallowed, and smiled at him.. “it’s good sir.. thank……” she lunged for the glass of water..

Hot! Too hot! Why? Why was the water not helping? She looked at the frosty glass.. glass… the God dammed glass was frosted! The water was hot!

She could almost hear the leaves on the tree beside them crisping in the heat..

Sweat rolled between her breasts.. darkening her sundress with salty moisture..

He watched her over his spoon loaded with vanilla sweet cream… her hand shook..

She set her spoon carefully down beside the bowl.. “it’s too hot sir… ” she knew she was disobeying.. finding excuses..

His spoon clinked loudly agenst the bowl, startling her and drawing her attention to him…

“Eat .. your.. dinner.” He was no longer smileing… she was trying to take control… and he would have none of it.

He rose from his chair, moving to stand behind her..

What was he doing? She dared not look… her mouth still felt like she had swallowed burning coals..

Leather touched her bare sholder.. just resting there.. she could smell the oil that kept it supple, and just barely see it from the corner of here eye..

The belt… he had taken off his belt.. the realization hit her like an out of control bus…he had known it was too hot.. he had planned this..

And the thought made her want for more… he had been in control.. from the vary first moment.

Her shoulders slumped.. she hung her head..

His voice whispered in her ear… “will you eat what I have so lovingly prepared for you?”

There could be only one answer.. and she knew it… she shook her head no..

He slipped the belt around her neck, pulling upward.. she scrambled to rise so as not to choke…

He could see her curves beneath the light fabric as it clung to her damp skin..

She wore nothing underneath..

She was held there.. the leather biteing into her neck for only a moment.. it felt like forever..

“Naughty girls..” with a flick of his hand he slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders…

“Get punished..” gripping the back of her dress he yanked downward.. flowers strewn across fabric cascaded in a flurry to rest around her feet…

She could feel the heat of the sun beat down apon her pale flesh… exposed.. but only for him…

He walked around the table, still holding the belt and with a jerk pulled her forward bending her over the hot metal of the table..

Her thighs touched the rim of the table and she had to bite back a yelp.. dear maker that was hot!

She pulled testingly at the belt as he tied the belt to a table leg… she was bent at the waist and had just enough room to not touch the hot metal if she kept vary still…

Her breath became rapid as she strained to hold the position.. the heat radiating off the table made her whole body flush.. she could smell the hot iron inches below her..

While she was distracted by her predicament he again slipped behind her and scooped an ice cube from his water…

Sweat dripped from her now.. droplets falling from her chin and belly..

Heat begun to radiate from within her as well.. it was not only salt that slicked her thighs..

She cried out and jerked as the ice shocked the skin in the small of her back… her hips touched.. her nipples touched… heat seared tender flesh…

She pushed herself backward.. desperate.. frantic to escape the burning pain… and impaled herself on his waiting member..

Again she cried out.. a moaning lust filled noise of desperation and need..

He smirked as she threw herself backward apon him.. wrapping her hair around his hand he pulled her face up and away from the blazing table..

He bent and lips still chilled from his frozen treat kissed the back of her neck..

She felt herself give way as he pushed deeper.. and his lips.. when they touched her.. they became… everything…

He could feel the moment when she let go.. giving herself to him.. wanting him.. to take..

His hand rested on the middle of her back between her shoulders.. she was chaos.. frantically pressing back against him… he was control.. steady, but giving no rest..

His hand pressed down..

She felt the pressure in the midst of dream like pleasures.. she knew what it ment.. he would not have to force her.. she wanted it.. needed it.. she would show him her submission..

She let go.. her body went limp..

The table shook.. she screamed out her orgasum as belly and chest and hips exploded with pain… and pleasure.. and something that was more without even a name..

His mind reeled.. she had.. willingly.. for him..

He threw back his head.. convuseing within her.. she was his.. without any dought..

The hot breeze smelled of fresh cut grass and dried out wood..

He lifted her.. undoing the belt.. holding her cradled in his arms..

Her face was wet.. tears and sweat mixed apon her cheeks.. he gently kissed the red marks apon her chest..

She moaned.. still shaken.. still shakeing.. where was she.. it didnt matter.. she was with him..

He sat on the couch inside.. still holding her… letting her bask in the cool dry air.. “you did well. I am proud of you, and I accept your gift in the spirit with which it was given.”

Fresh tears welled in her eyes.. not from pain or ecstasy, but gratitude and love..

He held her like that.. slowly giving her cool water.. running gentle fingers across the diamond shaped marks on her belly..

Each time his calloused hands touched her… she would remember… she snuggled closer..

remembering the moment she became his…

Best wishes -SirHanz

5 thoughts on “Dinner in summer

      1. True, there must be absolute trust. And that is vary rare these days. But it is worth working towards. If you can find it.. it is.. exquisite. I hope someday you find it again.

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