Its Saturday night, I have already done my exercise for the day and now I am board. . . . . So why not talk about bondage?๐Ÿ˜ what shall we look at tonight.. how about… anticipation.

This can be both a wonderful thing ( butterfly’s before meeting someone you like) or a torture. (You know you did wrong, your dom knows.. but hasn’t done anything….. yet…) sometimes it can even make the actual punishment seem like a relief (dom said that they would punish you for your behavior… next week…and didnt tell you what your punishment was to be).

It can be the carrot (in a bdsm context this has a whole new meaning) or the stick (same meaning, different flavor)

You can anticipate a fun play time, or anticipate a punishment. And a skillful dom can use it like a surgeon to reshape behavior and focus the submissive on their submission.

Want your sub to stop doing something? Tell them you will not talk to them until you feel they are properly sorry for what they have done. Double whammy. They anticipate the relief when you finaly talk to them again. And they squerm because they dont know how long that will be or what they will have to do to make it right. Sadistic? Yer damm right. But like with any sadistic behavior you have to be careful how and to who you apply it. Some submissives respond well to it some do not and it can be crippling if applied to the wrong type of personality. Just one of the many reasons it is so incredibly important to get to know your sub.

Anticipating my next post?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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