Diet day 3.. ish.

Why must beer taste better when your abs are sore? I swear it does. Had stir fry last night and a soda but I took cookie for a late night run so hopefully that will burn the soda calories. Fuck this beer tastes good. Hmm.. I wonder if one of the local breweries would sponsor my blog if I had enough followers.. what do you think? Should I be a shill for free beer? Do drunk crunches all day and dom by night?… naw… but it was a fun thought. Although… if it were a salsa company I would have trouble saying no.. just putting it out there.. you read me Mark’s good stuff salsa? The salsa that is the most amazing thing on the shelf. And good ole Pace.. I cant forget you.. you are a meal in a jar. 🤠

Ok ok.. back to diet. I usually dont eat breakfast anyways (a cup of tea does me just fine) had a salad for lunch. (Small salad because the damm grocery store put all the brown and wilted lettuce in the center and covered it with the nice looking leaves). And now I am haveing a quarter of a bag of salsa verde chips (not portioning, that was all that was left in the bag). Have yet to decide what I am doing for dinner but there is a frozen pizza in the freezer that has curves in all the right places… but I must resist! Why must the beer taste so good? Why? Hmm.. maybe a good night for tacos.. who am I kidding.. its always a good night for tacos.

Best wishes -SirHanz

7 thoughts on “Diet day 3.. ish.

      1. Sit to whatever diet excise plan thingie you put yourself on. Though technically I guess you could do those as well haha

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      2. No big plan, just eat healthier and exercise more. I dont really need to lose weight but I would like to get rid of enough that I can see my 6pac again. It’s still there … just hiding.

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