Diet day 5ish..

Today was a busy day but had a healthy lunch of rice and Indian spiced greens. And even skipped the desert cookie.

Thankfully it was not as mind numbingly hot today as yesterday. So I was able to get a bit more done at work today. Even found time at the end of the day to help the elderly couple that live on the hill. They had a problem with their blinds falling, the original installer put the hanging brackets too far apart. So after work I re-mounted all their window blinds. Lol the little old Indian lady insisted I take a mango home with me for my effort.

Got home and made a nice salad with fresh made lemon thyme vinegarette. Then did 15min on the elliptical. Overall a good day I think. Now time for shower, then rest and doggy snuggles.

Powered by hope -SirHanz

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