The quiet refrains of piano drifting through the morning stillness entangle my wakeing thoughts. I strech.. seeking relief from the lethargy of sleep. Oh… right… I flex my hands feeling the soreness in my wrists. I am still tied to the headboard. The warmth at my hip draws my eyes downward. She is still sleeping.. curled against me with her face pressed against my side. Her warm breath teases the skin above my ribs.

I want to brush the hair from her face. Trace the lines of her jaw. Kiss moistened lips… but I can only look.. unable to touch. I can feel the rope still circling my legs, not too tight.. but looping upwards to above the knee. Holding secure and comforting me with its presence.

I am hers.. my sleeping flower.. to bind or release. I can feel her care in the knots, where it not for her careful touch I am shure my hands would be long past numb. I watch the rise and fall of her chest beneath the blanket. The smell of her perfume still lingers on my chest.

Slowly her eyes open.. she stretches like a cat… rubbing her lithe form against me. Her smooth legs feel warm and soft agenst mine through the rope. “Mmmm.. good morning..” her voice sends a little thrill up my spine. “Good morning my love.” My own voice sounds weak compared to her sultry tones. Her hand brushes against the stiffness under the blanket. “Oh.. what do we have here?” I blush and look away.. “I’m sorry.. you were just so beautiful when you were sleeping.” She throws a leg over mine and sits up apon my thighs. I can feel the heat pressed against my legs and it makes me harder.

She takes my chin in her hands, turning my face to hers. “You… will… look at me.” I cant help but follow her command. She is radiant. Her chest exposed.. her laughing eyes.. oh yes.. she is enjoying this. She slowly slides down my legs biteing her lip in pleasure as the knotted rope runs between her legs. “Since you have been so kind as to prepare it.. I will not waste a bit…. of brakefast.” My eyes widen and blush deepens as her head dips lower. I can feel the soft weight of her chest apon me. She stops… inches away and licks hungry lips. Her eyes find mine.. the anticipation is too much… I moan softly and struggle not to look away. “Please… ” the word feels torn from my chest.. set free with a breath. “Please what?” Her voice is soft.. but unyielding. I know my face must be filled with longing. “Please.. I want to be inside you..” I blush deeper as the thought leaves my lips. She says nothing.. just enjoying the lust and want rolling within me. Her head suddenly drops, and I am engulfed in wet warmth. I groan… trying to push my hips upward.. pulling at my bonds. So good.. again I struggle not to close my eyes. Her hands press down apon my hips, hair brushes like silk across my skin. I can see her eyes through her hair.. watching me.. enjoying my pleasure. She slowly presses deeper. The pleasure becomes unbearable as she takes me into the tightness of her throat. I cant stop myself.. eyes close.. head thrown back.. arms straining against the rope.. I am lost..

Somewhere behind the pleasure I know I will be punished for my lapse. But it is too much.. too good.. she moves faster, delicate tounge rolling around me. I gasp feeling my hips tighten. She feels it to.. again I feel the tightness of her throat. Her hands slip beneath me, holding me to her. I can do nothing but give her what she is demanding, I shudder as I spill my soul into her. I can feel her swallowing around me. The movement sending shocks of almost painful pleasure racing to my brain.

I can feel the coolness of the air as she leaves me. The headboard shakes and I feel her legs apon my shoulders. A soft wetness rubs across my chin. “Now it’s your turn.. to eat.” I open my eyes to look upward past the expanse of her her belly and chest to find her face. I catch only a glimpse of a smile before my head is pulled forward into her. I open and devour the offering of flesh and honey. Take time.. make it last.. I tell myself. I start slow, working my way upwards..Teaseing the tiny pearl hidden within. Her breath is becoming short.. her hips grind against my lips.

I responded to her need and move faster, pushing deeper within her. I can hear her groaning as her legs begin to shake. Side to side.. up and down.. in and out.. a steady rythem, kissing her lips with mine. Suddenly her legs wrap around me, hands lock behind my head pressing me hard into her.

I cant breathe.. and she knows it. And it makes me hard once more as lips and tounge work frantically. I try to gasp, try to find air.. and my struggles send her over the edge. I feel the warm rush against my lips as she cries out and shakes, her nails digging into the back of my head.

And then there is light.. and air.. and life.. rushing inward to fill me once more. But she is far from done with me.. hunger even more intense than before burns in her cheeks and eyes. Without a pause I am thrust between her slick thighs and into the deepest parts of her sex. Now we both are gasping. I raise my bound knees behind her offering my legs as a backrest. She leans back.. thrusting out her chest and throwing back her head. Rocking.. grinding.. it is hot inside her.

Sweat glitters on the skin of her neck.. if only I could reach it..

Faster.. harder.. she throws her legs wide trying to take me ever deeper. She is close.. I can see it on her face.. I relax and let the pleasure take me. She leans forward pushing my head to the side.. sinking teeth into my neck. Pushing back hard agenst me as she growls out her orgasm into my flesh. Hotter.. tighter.. teeth.. it is more than enough to throw me moaning from the cliff. Again.. I fill her.. straining against my bonds, her mouth burning my neck.

Oh yes.. I am hers.. without a doubt. She rises, a contented smile touching her lips. She is gorgeous.. and glowing. I can still feel her griping me within her as she arches an eyebrow and grins. “Coffee?” I cant help but laugh with joy. This beautiful creature.. she is a treasure. “Tea for me. No sugar.” I say, my voice still a little unsteady.

She hops up and walks into the kitchen. I can hear the coffee machine warming up. “Um… the rope? I am still tied up here..”

There is a giggle from the kitchen… “I know…” her words are as much a statement as a promise… I grin.. she is not done with me… never done with me…….

Best wishes -SirHanz

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