Poem for a girl

I wish my words could heal you,

I would give you all of me,

And take away your woes,

I would bandage you in poetry,

Make pills all filled with prose,

I’d wrap you in a blaket,

Filled with homonyms and verse,

Mix soliloquy in a packet,

Make a potion for you to nurse,

I’d feed you from a couplet,

Alliteration stew,

Anapest the night away reading just to you,

I’d Caesura off your clothes! If you were unable to undress,

Toast with fresh Enjambments gives you energy to fight the stress,

I would meter all your doses,

Of rythem and of rhyme,

Let you rest apon a stanza,

Just to pass the time,

And sing sonnets to entertain,

Though my singing is a Trochee,

For you my wonderful lady I’d,

Sing, sing, all the same.

Hopeing you feel better -SirHanz

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