Goddess of summer

There lived a goddess of summer,

Beloved of gentlemen fall,

She smelled of honeysuckle,

And was roundly liked by all,

But her eyes and lips were held,

By winters chill embrace,

And so fall was compelled,

To but marvel at her face,

He waited all the days,

And could not help but gaze,

Enraptured by her art,

He loved her for her beauty,

He loved her for her heart,

He loved her for her duty,

That he could not ask to part,

As leaves began to drift,

Turning red and gold,

He left for her a gift,

To ward against the cold,

A scarf that smelled of campfires,

Pumpkins and of spice,

He wished only to convay desires,

And hoped she found it nice,

For many days he’d worked,

To make perfect every stich,

Now his ears they perked,

And his breath began to hitch,

Before him stood the goddess,

Dressed in scarf and nothing more,

Wearing not a bodice,

His jaw it hit the floor,

“You stitched your heart into this wool,”

“And now my own it quakes,”

“If you will have me I am yours in full,”

“Whatever else it takes,”

He lept and held her in his arms,

Wrapping her in his cloak,

“I would have you, and all your charms,”

His voice began to choke,

“You have my heart wraped round your neck,”

“But all else of mine I give,”

“To kiss but once your summer lips,”

“For you my life I live.”


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