Careing and Love.

There will come a time in everyone’s life when the happiness of another is as important as your own.

Be it domanent or submissive each seeks at the most basic level the happiness of the other. This is both wonderful and dangerous. For it only works if both people care about the other as much as themselves. They keep their best interests in their heart and see constant reminders of the other in their every day life.

Be it the flowers in the store window that remind you that you want to do something nice for them. Or a glimpse of something that reminds you of shared happiness and connection.

Often people mistake careing for love. But there is a huge difference. Love is deeper, a burning need to share joy. And its absence can be physically painful. Careing is a choice. Sometimes care can turn into love, or love can inspire care. But it’s always a choice. If you choose not to do something for the one you love because of another commitment you are not any less in love. Or if you choose to do something nice for someone it doesn’t mean you love them.

See the difference? You can hope for someones happiness and want to help them but not be in love with them. And you can love someone and be unable to always show how much you care.

I felt it was important to make this distinction. If someone loves you and shows they care in whatever way, remember not to take that for granted. They have made the choice in that moment to choose you. That choice should be acknowledged and charished. And if they choose not to show in some way they care it does not mean they love you any less. That is also important to remember.

Care can come in many forms, sharing time is one. Doing things that will benefit the other, even small things like takeing out the trash or doing the dishes just so the other doesn’t have to. Be aware of the care around you. There is often more than you think. And if you are lucky enough to be loved, show them you care whenever you can. Even if it’s just a quick word or gesture. You never know when a small kindness will mean the world to them.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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