The coin of Eris

I am the setting sun,

A breath away from shadow,

Flaring brilliance before the night,

The day grows dark,

I become the gray,

The in between…. day,

And brilliant stars,

Beauty ready to unfold,

A myth hiding from the world,

Yearning for clarity,

Just out of reach,

A phantom touch,

Threatens my soul,

Leting go may make me free,

Or crack my mind,

What prize is worthy,

To risking the toss,

Of the coin of Eris,

Only love,

It glimmers in the moonlight,

Flashing colorless silver,

Victory on one side,

Insanity on the other,

Spinning in time,

Waiting for a gentle hand,

To strech out apon my heart,

Catch chaos,

And determine my fate,

Am I to be the torch,

Dancing in the darkness,

Or the dawn,

That brings a new day.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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