Today was the birthday celebration at the temple for Krishna, in case your wondering it is pronounced jon-mosh-ti-me.

The day began early with lots of setup, I spent the last 4 days building and installing 15 new electrical circuits to power everything. Spent the morning settling up lights on top the temple. Here are some pictures of the setup

About 5pm I was working on building a platform to mount parking lights on and it started to pour rain!

It was blowing sideways!

After about an hour and a half it finally let up and I had to help push cars out of the mud with the backhoe.

Finaly I was able to brake away and get a few shots of the celebration.

And they had a petting zoo! 😁 I got to help dry off a bunny.

One of the ducks had the most hilarious puff on his head and I had to get a better picture.

After that there were a bunch more people that started showing up and I decided it was time to duck…. out… 🤣 and avoid the huge crowd and any more cars stuck in the mud.

SirHanz….. out.

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