The beat

Had an interesting conversation with a submissive about setting the mood.

Here is some food for thought.

When you walk into a room after a long day, your tired and want to rest… not in the best headspace.

The lights are low and candlelight fills the room. The room smells like dark amber. Music starts….the beat slowly rises drawing your heart rate with it. Then you feel the touch of leather against your neck.. words whispered against your ear…

It is mental manipulation, forcing memories of past encounters to the surface, drawing feelings of submission from the subconscious and reminding the concious of the good feelings that could be comeing.

Gently drawing the mind down into a submissive headspace and forcing you to let go of all the frustrations of the day. Controlling your emotions and evoking needs.

And all it takes is three well timed words. “Take it off.”


Is dominance.

No fancy things needed.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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