You ether enjoy them.. or they drive you nuts.

Brats love to push the envelope of what they can get away with. Always testing. Often they seek the structure and attention that is a repercussion of their actions. Even if it is negative attention they feel it is better than being ignored. Some even lash out at their dom because they seek to constantly reassure themselves that he/she cares for them enough to correct them.

Some brats will submit when called out for their behavior, others want to be forced to submit. This is a crucial difference the dom needs to be aware of. If the dom is expecting submission when they call out the brat for misbehaving and the brat keeps pushing, the dom may be unshure if they have the consent to force them into submission. If it has not been discussed beforehand they may feel like the submissive is revokeing their submission. So.. all you brats out there.. communication is a necessity. Be shure your dom understands how and why you act the way you do. And if your not shure why then definitely sit down and have a good think.

Brats can be a lot of fun, but they take more attention than the average submissive. Like a dog that will chew up your shoes if they dont get enough exercise. They need the reassurance that they are loved and will act out if they feel they are not getting what they need. So walk your dog if you dont want bite marks in your sofa.

And now for the brats.. be careful how far you push your dom. A little funishment is great. A big punishment because you pushed a little to far… not so much. Teaseing you dom is one thing.. being disrespectful is another. And it can be a fine line to walk.

Best wishes -SirHanz

5 thoughts on “Brats

  1. Full confession; I don’t really get the appeal of bratting. There’s a certain level of flippancy that is playful, but inside of an actual SCENE? Never in a million years. “Punishment” is for serious infractions; it’s always a horrible experience because it means I’ve failed. I want to be good!

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    1. Yah.. I am ok with playful. Love a tease, and even enjoy when the sub is “acting out” light heartedly. But serious brats? I dont have the time. I may be a sadist, but that doesn’t mean I like to punish. Just that play tends to involve more pain. And as a sub I may have a bit of massocist in me but not a lot. I want to be good. So good I get rewards and am fawned over. I am even ok with failing as long as I learn and it makes me better. But doing it on purpose? No.. not for me I think. Tryed it today and it didnt end well for me. Soo… pass.

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