Closing my eyes to feel the wind,
Breathing deep the humid air after the rain,
Feeling the ache with every breath,
The sweet burn of hot coals,
Trapped within my breast,
Words simmer apon the page,
Offering to end my torment,
As I cling to the shreds,
Of a used heart,
Grasping tight the sweet longing,
That invades my dreams,
And squeezes words from my mind,
To be thrown like gossamer threads,
Into the world,
In the hope that one line.. one verse,
May grace your tounge,
And speak of love,
That you may know I am here,
Slowly drowning in your desire,
Unable to breathe,
The air of life,
Lest is pass from your lips,
To mine.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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