The end of September

Well folks, the month is comeing to a close and the next is about to begin.  It has been a busy month. A lot of work, injury, slow recovery,  joy and worry. My uncle survived his cancer treatment and is slowly recovering.  And one of his daughters got married a few days ago.
 I completed some projects and started others. Including buying a new musical instrument.  It should arrive today or tomorrow most likely.  When I was a young child I was in a music class and we had to learn an instrument.  I chose the cello. It was only for a month but I practiced whenever I had the chance. I just love the soft deep tones that the cello produces.  At the end of the month i had to return the cello and go on to other things. But I had learned to love the sound and that stayed with me throughout my life. A few days ago I won an auction for an electric cello.
 I have always dreamed of playing again but never had the time or money.  I still dont have a lot of time but I look forward to practicing with a bit of the time I have.
 S seems to be a lot more stable mentally now that she is working and we are slowly getting her up on her feet. She is still not to the point of complete independence but at least she is putting in the work to move forward along that path.
 And I? I have found someone I really like. We can’t be together yet due to circumstance. But I am patient and I can wait. Some things are just worth waiting for. And when you find something or someone you adore time means little. It will just make our eventual meeting all the sweeter. She understands me in ways I didnt think anyone ever could. And she inspires me to create which in itself is a feeling I charish.  As with all things, time will tell if this is the destiny the fates have woven. But I sincerely hope that it is. She is beautiful,  kind, and as kinky as I am. I know I am not worthy of her. But I will try to be.
 And cookie? He is my constant happy little monster.  This morning he woke me up at 6am licking my face. A vary cute thing to wake up to. His winter coat has started to grow out so he is even more fluffy and soft than usual.
 Well… my morning tea is done and it’s almost time to start getting ready for work. October is just around the corner and there is much to do.

Best wishes  -SirHanz

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