Wicked lips devour my words with a kiss,
Silencing thoughts I shall not miss,
No more is the soreness of back and limb,
Gone like morning mist before the sun..

Vanished is the worry of work and rest,
Banished by your hand apon my chest,
Pressing me back,
No choice and I dont want to run..

With not a word your body speaks to mine,
Submit it says as fingers trace my spine,
Lost in your gaze of want and desire,
I know my sweet torment has only begun..

Cant keep still with heart beating so fast,
Yet I am held down so your pleasure my last,
Teeth apon my neck as pain and pleasure mix,
Sanity unraveled all control undone..

Grace and beauty.. heat and skin,
Mind numbing passion.. electric with sin,
In that moment as time stood still,
And of my love you drank your fill,
I knew without doubt you were the one.

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