Just a drink.

Disclaimer: poet is not responsible for desire magnified by things written while drunk.

Feel the burn,
liquid fire,
Removeing all inhibition,
Leting words flow free…
Comfortable languid desire,
Warm fuzzy smiles,
Moistened lips,
Beginning to be tasted
Let down your hair,
That it may tangle in my hands,
Bedroom eyes,
Tease my heart
Drink your courage,
Shot and glass,
Tell me your secret thoughts,
Your hidden fantasy
Imagination running free,
Shot and chaser,
Imagination becomes reality,
Breath lingers on skin
Contented sigh,
Synchronized heartbeats,
Cool water soothes,
Poured from my lips
Sleepy gaze,
Captured emotion,
Sleep postponed,
For gentle pleasure
Falling asleep,
Pressed close,
Against your back,
And still inside you.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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