Dreaming of better days,
Memories of days long past,
Vivid and haunting,
Colliding with future hopes,
A kaleidoscope of images,
Possibility sparkles,
Mixed with regret,
From past choices,
careing to much,
Sacrifice unseen,
I dont bleed for glory,
Or for praise or profit,
But for love,
Yes for love…
And all I ever wanted,
Was for my martyrs heart,
To be seen,
Though scared and burned,
And held gently…
Sitting with my thoughts,
Listening to the rain,
Older.. wiser…
Bitter lessons learned,
Hardened by life,
Constant struggle and work,
Trauma and pain…
Becomeing what I am,
Forsaken time and again,
Used and broken,
A soiled soul,
Needing to be needed,
Desiring to be desired,
Both the light,
And the shadow…
So I ask myself,
Am I worthy?
I dont have an answer.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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