Will you…

Hello little flower,
Do you need a hand?
If I help you stand,
Will you fall to your knees?
And beg me please..
To show you the way,
To twist and caress,
Under your dress…
If I give my touch,
That you want so much,
Across your skin,
Wet with sin,
Will you draw me in?
With your crimson lips,
And fingertips,
Your moaning breath,
Apon my ear,
The little death,
That makes it clear,
You feel me near,
Greedy girl,
Wanting more,
Grinding the pearl,
Against the dock,
I bet you thought,
That was a euphemism for cock,
I know your reading,
Wanting me inside,
So keep on feeling,
And spread yourself wide,
It’s a hell of a ride..
Go on if you must,
Let your fingers thrust,
As you imagine my lust,
You wont stop I trust,
Till the vary last line,
Moving faster with the words,
And keeping time,
With the lightning building,
At the base of your spine,
Let go your control,
As you imagine the pole,
That skewers your soul,
Feel the streach,
As nector flows,
Let the pleasure etch,
My desire with prose,
Into your mind,
And across your ass,
Responding in kind,
By comeing at last,
With shakeing thighs,
And glittering eyes,
Your submission buys,
You a chance to rise,
And feel the warmth,
Within your mouth,
For all the work,
You did down south.

You know you want to… 😏 -SirHanz

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