Like a humming note,
In the back of my mind,
It has been there,
As long as I can remember,
And when gone,
As I walk amongst the trees
The silence is deafening…
I watch the sun sinking low,
Its golden rays illuminate,
Leafy green and gold,
Laying my hand apon the rough bark,
Cold wind gnashing at my cheeks,
And howling among the branches,
I let it fill my lungs,
Cooling my blood,
Sweeping away the endless struggle,
There is peace in this moment,
With the smell of dried grass,
And the taste of winter,
I turn and walk back along the path,
Thinking… one day… maybe….
I will share this..
With someone I love..
And there will be two sets of footprints,
In the dust,
Untill the wind blows,
And leaves us,
With only memory.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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