Loveing destruction

Eyes unfocused,
Feeling her need,
As she takes the lead,
Jerking the leash,
Leather bites,
Pulling me close,
Invisible chains,
Binding my ghost,
Offered freely,
Taken darkly,
The holy fire,
Chokeing the shadows,
In me,
As she,
Rips down my walls,
Brick by brick,
The whip falls,
Burning the forest,
In my mind,
Leavening me naked,
Lost in submission…
One more push,
Embarrassing her will,
Would crush,
The fragile soul,
Then her breath,
Tender and loveing,
Charished devotion,
Wraped in warmth,
Joy and pain,
Blending in my tears,
Soft lips,
Consuming pleasure,
Devouring sanity,
With a cry,
From two souls,
Collapsing light,
Into velvet night,
Two glass hearts,
Fused in the fire,
Glow softly,
In the ashes,
Of loveing destruction.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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