Bad dream

I have been working a lot lately and it has been hard to write because I have been so tired. Worked late on Monday so i could take Tuesday off to rest. That did help the body aches some. Crashed early last night and woke at 6am from a dream that left me feeling nauseous. Tried to put it on the page to get it out of my head and that did help a little.

I dreamed of pain,
The pain of being cast away,
Ignored.. struggling In vain,
To be seen..
To be loved…
I wanted to yell,
To scream,
It was it’s own kind of hell,
Subconscious fears,
Makeing themselves known,
I awoke with half formed tears,
Shimmering in my vision,
Deep breath…. only a dream..
Only a dream.. only a dream.

Still not feeling great.. but life goes on.

I hope all your mornings are better than my own.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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