Tell me.

Tell me you are mine,
Let me hear the desire in your voice,
It’s hard to say,
I know it is,
As your heart trembles,
Your eyes full of fear,
That I may turn you away…
Tell me you are comeing,
Just to listen to my voice,
As your hands shake,
Wanting so badly to feel my touch,
That you bite your lip at the thought…
Tell me of your broken peaces,
Hopeing beyond reason,
That I will love all of you,
As your trust lays naked,
Exposed and vulnerable…
I will take it all,
All the love,
All the need,
All the desire,
And through your trust,
Like a magnifying mirror,
I will give it back,
And more…
So tell me I am yours,
Say the words,
And let me feel your heartbeat quicken,
Beneath my fingertips,
As my love,
Passes into you.

Best wishes -sirhanz

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