Need some heat

Need some heat,
As I shiver and write,
I’ll be discreet,
Keep it out of sight,
Pen a verse,
Of lust and need,
Moaning gasp,
Of Inhibition freed,
Crap it’s cold,
I must be bold,
As i dream,
Of you in lace,
Burning with desire,
As I touch your secret place,
Filling you with fire,
Anticipation on your face.

Seriously.. it’s cold as fuck out here and it’s raining. Writeing erotica with numb fingers ftw.

3 thoughts on “Need some heat

    1. Probably would have written a lot more if it didnt take me 60 seconds of poking at the keyboard with a numb finger to write one line lol. 😏 always love it when my writing affects someone. Thanks for letting me enjoy that.

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