This black labyrinth of my mind,
Echoing with your words,
Phrases that bind,
My desiccated heart,
Crumbleing walls so carefully built,
Torn down and ripped apart,
Twist and turning through memory,
A pact with a monster,
The song a dreadful harmony,
Of personal tragedy,
So please… tell me..
As fate binds us in beauty,
Hateing the pain,
Wanting our time again,
Diving headlong,
Into this sea of shadows,
Can we be strong,
When the blood,
Form life so stark,
Looks black in the dark,
Hands lock skin to skin,
We can finally breathe,
The whisperd sin,
Free to live with the hunger,
Becoming ouroboros,
As we devour,
Twin souls,
Learning to live,
Desiring to give,
And embrace who we are,
Without holding back,
Following the star,
Behind your eyes,
Into your arms.

Best wishes-SirHanz

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