Letting go

The time is now
Can you rise
And find the secrets
In his eyes,

A leap of faith
Swan dive
Into the depths
Relax and fall..
Kneel and thrive,

Sky painted black
A carnal resurrection
Fingertips grasp
The razor edge..
Savage connection,

Can you feel
Pulse racing double time
Defences crumbling
Adrenaline rush..
The higher we climb,

We’re in the fire
Tensions thrum
Minds consumed
With erotic focus..
His instrument to strum,

How high can we go
Bodys sweat
Losing control
Not done with you yet..
He’s only just begun.

Best wishes -SirHanz

4 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. That is lovely sirhanz! I hope you find a partner who is right for you soon. But you seem to be doing well on your own. That’s a good sign!

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