New story, Hidden In Plain Sight.

New story just published yesterday on Amazon. My first story that’s *gasp* actually for sale! Shure.. its .99c but you probably have more than that rattleing around in your sofa. So why not turn up the heat and cash in your spair change for a sexy new story. Bdsm, exhibitionism, sex, and delishious kinky control awaits!

🤦‍♂️ oh man.. that was bad.. wasn’t it. I am so bad at self promotion. But giveing it my best effort. And the story really is good. So if your stuck inside and want to curl up under a blanket with something sexy it’s an exelent way to pass the time.

There is the link or you can just look it up under Amazon books by searching my name. “Hansa Bosbach”

Best wishes-SirHanz


Tonight as I wait for laundry to dry so I may sleep, I ponder what life has in store for me. It has been almost about 7 months since my last relationship ended. My life now that I am single is much less stressful, but devoid of the affection that I crave. (Not that I received much of that for years before the relationship ended.)

Work progresses day by day. My boss is considering retirement and leaveing the majority of the work in my hands. I hope he does.. not just for the inevitable raise I will get with added responsibility but he is old, approaching 70 and he works damm hard. He deserves a rest.

My writing is progressing as well. I am just finishing my third short story and still working on my book. My publisher and editor have been a godsend for cleaning up and refining my work. I still write poetry as the mood strikes me and post most of the short ones on Twitter.

My interest in bdsm is still as strong as ever. Though as I sit here and write I wonder about how I will fair as I get older. The signs of age are already showing.. gray in my beard, joints that ache a little more than they use to. I get tired more easily than I use to. Work takes a larger toll than it did when I started and I heal slower. Time will tell I guess. I think a lot will depend on my partner.

I think of all these things and more. Each another signpost drawing me to where I should be. Will it be a kind of haven? Or another kind of hell.. I know not. But I am wiser than I was. I know myself and the kind of life I hope for.

I will see where this path leads. There is a light illuminating my way. And I can feel the pull of fate guiding my hand.

If nothing else.. I know I will learn. And like so many times before.. i will ether survive, or not. But I will keep fighting for that bright moment.

I hope you are all well and happy.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Free short story

Soo.. I have been absent from my blog for a bit as I have been concentrating on my writing. Here is the update.

1. I am writing a book.

2. I am now a resident author with Berlinable publishing. 😁

3. One of my short stories was one of the winners of their worldwide Valentine’s contest. And….. wait for it…. is now published on Amazon! It is available for free! That’s right! No charge! Consider it a teaser to wet your appetite for future work. 😏 any good dealer knows.. the first one is always free.

Link to story on Amazon

Happy reading! And if you hurry you can leave my first review ever! Wana pop my review cherry?😆

Off to do more writing! I’m Fucking published! Woooohoooo!!

Best wishes-SirHanz

Quick update

So just wanted to drop a quick update so all yall wonderful people that read my blog know why I haven’t been posting much. Work has been hectic for one thing. The other… drum roll please…

I have been contacted by a publisher.  They are holding a Valentine’s contest for erotic short stories and think one of my stories would be perfect for their contest. Buuuutttt.. they are looking for something closer to 5000 words.. soo.. I have been expanding the story. Not a complete re write but adding a few new scenes and fleshing out the existing story. Soo.. that’s what I have been writeing as of late. I’ll be back to posting my normal writing when I am done with this project. Will also post a link to the contest when I get the final acceptance.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Letting go

The time is now
Can you rise
And find the secrets
In his eyes,

A leap of faith
Swan dive
Into the depths
Relax and fall..
Kneel and thrive,

Sky painted black
A carnal resurrection
Fingertips grasp
The razor edge..
Savage connection,

Can you feel
Pulse racing double time
Defences crumbling
Adrenaline rush..
The higher we climb,

We’re in the fire
Tensions thrum
Minds consumed
With erotic focus..
His instrument to strum,

How high can we go
Bodys sweat
Losing control
Not done with you yet..
He’s only just begun.

Best wishes -SirHanz

To Be Human.

The heart that beats,
With self deception,
Is not one to be scorned,
For it is the pulse within us all…
We the human race,
Masters of self deception,
Finding hope where there is none,
Spinning fantasy from the void,
And through force of will,
And the strength of our back,
We beautiful liars,
Turn deception,
Into truth.

Think deeply on this.

I feel as though it is one of the most profound things I have ever written.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The “nice guy” paradox.

I have recently come to learn that “nice guy” on social media has been ruined by men using that moniker to camouflage predatory behavior.  Now even if you actually are nice you cant say so or you may be labeled a predator. Pretending to be nice and helpful to try to get into some girls pants. And the sad part is.. I cant even blame ladies for avoiding guys who claim to be a “nice guy” because it seems the predators outnumber those that are actually nice! And I feel suspect every time I say something supportive or kind! Wow… think about that. Apparently now the only way to be seen as genuine is to be an ass. Is this what the future will be? Nice guys pretending to be assholes so they will be seen as genuine and can get their foot in the door to show though their actions they are not really an asshole?
 Seriously.. this is sooo fucked up. If your nice… you have to lie about being nice. But if your actually genuinely nice you dont want to lie and get labeled a predator.  So you are forced to keep your trap shut and let your actions do the talking…… so what is a nice guy to do? Say nothing and only post pictures of himself helping people and being nice? That would look pretty fake wouldn’t it?
 So here is my take away from all of this… we cant win. The “nice guy” has been painted into a corner with little hope to show he is not an asshat trying to get into your pants by pretending to be kind and romantic.  So I say fuck it. I’m gonna just be me. I own who I am flaws and all. But I am nice. And I will continue trying to be nice. And if I get painted as a predator for it… just going to block those people and move on. If you dont take the time to get to know me before throwing accusations that could ruin my chances of getting to know some good people… well… you may be genuine.. but your not nice. Thank you for showing your true colors so I can avoid you.
 So that’s it… rant over. I will be hideing in the corner drinking my tea. And if you need help but are so self centered as to think any guy trying to help you wants to be repaid with sex… find a predator to help you. At least he will deserve to get throat punched for helping to change your tire on the roadside. I’ll keep on driving and wish you luck. But if your bleeding out I will do my best to staunch the wound. And when I get slapped for doing it, I will nod and move on knowing I did something good.. and for me… that’s enough.

Best wishes -sirhanz


This black labyrinth of my mind,
Echoing with your words,
Phrases that bind,
My desiccated heart,
Crumbleing walls so carefully built,
Torn down and ripped apart,
Twist and turning through memory,
A pact with a monster,
The song a dreadful harmony,
Of personal tragedy,
So please… tell me..
As fate binds us in beauty,
Hateing the pain,
Wanting our time again,
Diving headlong,
Into this sea of shadows,
Can we be strong,
When the blood,
Form life so stark,
Looks black in the dark,
Hands lock skin to skin,
We can finally breathe,
The whisperd sin,
Free to live with the hunger,
Becoming ouroboros,
As we devour,
Twin souls,
Learning to live,
Desiring to give,
And embrace who we are,
Without holding back,
Following the star,
Behind your eyes,
Into your arms.

Best wishes-SirHanz

New years eve poetry

Small bubbles,
Deep amber,
Caressing foam,
Slightly bitter,
Sinking slowly,
Into complexity.

I woke to her good morning,
And held it in my heart,
I am not bemoaning,
The time we are apart,
Anticipation growing,
Day by night by dawn,
A flutter of excitement,
With each breath that I have drawn,
No masks or little banter,
Just loved for who we are,
A gift so rare and precious,
It matters not how far,
Our words will find their way,
Into open arms,
And smileing we will play,
Safe from all the harms,
One day…

Beneath the winter sun
I sit and ponder
What word may capture
How my pulse quickens
At the sound of her voice
And yet again
I am in awe
Struck dumb
That she
Finds me
To love her.

Best wishes and happy new year to all. -SirHanz