Sway of hips

Touch of lips

Burning eyes

Finger tips

Soft thighs

Whispered needs

Desire bleeds

Lust undressed

Body pressed

Fervent hunger

Sweet surrender

Scorching urgency

Carnal delicacy

Sizzling breath

Tasteing heat

Torn sheet

Thrilling accent

Pleasures lament

Carnal talent

Burning me


Best wishes -SirHanz

Mixed drinks

Omg.. I am soo buzzed. I am happy and singing and playing with the puppy. His cute little fox face makes me laugh peeking out from under the blankets.

Thought I would share what I am drinking. 😁

Two parts leap of faith,

A squeeze of connection,

A shot of desire,

A spritz of humor,

Half a cup of honesty,

Mix well..

Garnish with affection,

Serve hot.

Lol I highly recommend. Also about 4 margaritas to take the leap of faith part.😊

Bottoms up. -SirHanz

A song on my lips

Tonight I am singing..

For those that dont understand the significance of that I will elaborate.

I dont sing…

There are only two things that ever inspire me to sing.

1. Love.

2. Being so happy I dont care anymore and just sing.

That’s it. Other than that.. never.

I can count on one hand the times in the last 5 years I have been singing.

I am singing tonight.

Tea for two

They had been talking for weeks..

A message here and there…

And finally they meet..

Aucward tensions at first glance…

Is it really him? Is it really her?

A smile and a wave.. do we shake hands? Or hug?

Order and sit.. a table by the window..

Passing by they look like old frends..

Talking.. laughing.. enjoying that they know each others secrets..

Time passes.. sun sets.. tea grows cold…

Time to part.. they are both saddened at the thought..

Pay the bill and out the door…

Holding hands…

He walks her to her car… gentlemen that he is..

They hug..

He turns to leave.. she is still holding his hand..

Not letting go..

The decision is made..

A quick turn and she is pressed against the door..

All the unspoken.. all the unrealized.. all at once…

Becomes real.. with a kiss…

Hearts unfold… in lovers embrace…

Standing.. each supporting the other..

That neither may fall..

For they are both falling..

Eyes speek for them..

Each saying..

This is just the beginning.


Men are usualy vary visually attuned when it comes to what we think is sexy. For some it’s when a woman dresses like a hooker, or a schoolgirl, or swimsuits, or a country girl…and while those can be sexy….for me…. its class. You know that song.. short skirt long jacket by cake? Yah… love the idea of a beautiful lady who understands that sometimes less is more. It’s not about what you show.. it’s about giving just enough of a hint that we cant help but imagine what it would be like to find out what’s underneath.

And it’s not just about the clothes. It’s the makeup, the attitude, the whole package. The attention to detail that says “I wanted to look this good…. for you.”

It seems most ladies now days have ether given up trying to look their best or take the easy route of booty shorts or yoga pants. (Not knocking ether one but it does make a statement about how much effort your willing to put in to look good ) and that’s what it’s about for me. It’s like the difference between a store bought gift and a handmade one. They are both nice but the handmade one took thought and effort, and that makes me feel like the lady was really thinking about me and liked me enough to spend their time and energy to do something I may like. I love the look but i also love the effort it took to create the look.

It’s also not just one style, it can be anything really. It’s more about it being perfectly fit and complimenting the lady’s natural look.

And it makes the contrast all the more erotic when she goes from the above picture to the below.

Stay classy -SirHanz

Heart of glass

I have always said I have a heart of glass..

Beautiful to hold, the rays of dawn scatter shining rainbows of light from your hands.

But cast it away… and it shatters.

I pick up the peaces, slowly putting it back together again. It’s never the same though. You never quite find all the pieces. A chip here.. a crack that doesn’t quite fit there..

It is still beautiful, maybe even more than when it was perfect. But it isn’t whole.

Each time it is cast away and broken.. the peaces fit back together a little less.. there are more cracks. It is no less shiny and the cracks make more rainbows than ever… but hold it carefully while we look for more broken pieces. There are edges that may cut your hand. Who would want such a damaged thing.. who would press it to their chest to keep it safe.. regardless of how sharp the edges are..

Not many I fear.. for there are less broken.. softer hearts..

Used… one heart of glass… free from original owner. Fragile, do not drop.


Crimson lips part, perfection made flesh..

The heart within beats with savage heat..

Closer, bodies press.. hands mesh..

Against the wall of hard concrete..

Hand in hair two breaths entwine..

She knows beyond doubt that she is mine.

Best wishes from a vary sleepy SirHanz