Second date

The first date had gone well, tea and passionate kisses in the parking lot. This time he wanted to do something special for her. He had invited her to dinner as he left her last at her door. She had agreed, but on the condition that he cook.

He smiled.. remembering the moment as he removed the fresh bread from the oven. He had teased her.. “you just want to get me alone and take advantage of me.” He chuckled as he set the bread to cool. She had kissed his cheek and opened the door, just before it closed he heard her say “maybe I do.”

He grinned remembering how he had been left blushing on her doorstep. The pot at the back of the stove was heating and he poured in the soup base of tomato blended smooth with cream and parmesan. He looked at the clock, she would be here soon. He set the table and arranged the flowers in a vase just left of the table center. He lit the candles and set out a bottle of chilled white wine.

There was a knock on the door. He froze. He thought he had more time! Looking at his reflection in the window he saw he was still wearing the flower covered “kiss the cook” apron with an arrow pointing at his waistline. “One moment! Be right there!” He called as he tore the apron off and tossed it under the sink. He reached the door with his heart pounding, telling himself over and over to calm down.

He opened the door, light streamed in from the setting sun. Standing in profile in the glare was what he could only assume was some form of angelic spirit come to fulfill his every fantasy. As he stood slackjawed she walked past him and looked around “so this is where you hide yourself from the world huh?” She said glancing at the room.

He turned, slowly shutting the door. She was dressed in a lose white dress that gave the impression that if the light was just right.. you could see through it. A black corset cinched her waistline into a mind altering hourglass. Black heels like gravity drew the eye to the shapely curve of her legs. Yes… his thought was correct when he opened the door. She was stunning.

Snapping out of his revelry he stumbled to answer “oh.. yah.. it’s not much but its home.” A thought struck him “crap! The soup!” Dashing into the kitchen he quickly stirred the bubbling pot and turned down the heat.

She was behind him… he felt her softness against is back. Her hand slid under his arm and across his chest “smells good… what are you makeing me?” Her voice was close.. he could feel her breath on his ear. She is going to kill me he thought. Yup.. heart about to explode and ruin the soup. He chuckled looking back over his shoulder “horny?” Now they both laughed. He grinned and said “and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.” She gaped.. “wait.. I tell you to cook me dinner… and you.. a chef… make me grilled cheese?” He looked at her.. desperately trying to figure out if she was teasing or she was offended. Fuck it he thought.. go for broke. “Yup. It’s a lot like me.. simple.. but made in a complex way. Looks normal on the outside, but one taste.. and you will crave it forever.” She actually took a step back almost falling into the seat at the table. She was shaken… he could tell, but she was trying not to show it. A smile slowly crept onto the corners of her mouth. “Alright then chef.. let’s do this thing.” She said, trying not to grin. He bowed, flourishing his spoon. ” I go forth and shall return with my spoon or on it.” Now it was just too much, she burst out laughing as he cut the bread into thick slabs. “I promise, you will like this.” He said. Again she laughed “oh.. I have heard that line before.” She smirked “sometimes they were right.”

His hand shook slightly as he sliced the cheese, good gawd the way she said that was hot. He heard the cork pop from the bottle as she poured herself a glass of wine. “So tell me what makes this grilled cheese so good.” She said, takeing a sip from her glass. He gently placed the first sandwich into the cast iron pan. There was a sizzle and the smell of toasted fresh bread filled the room. “Well ma’lady.. it’s not the dish That’s important, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the loveing care in the handling…. even simple meals can have unexpected and extraordinary flavors. ” she sipped her wine thinking about what he had said as he poured the soup into bowls.

He flipped the sandwich and brought the soup to the table. “Anything special about the soup?” She asked looking up at him teasingly. He grined, “yes… it’s tomato and your wearing white. Should you spill any we would have to quickly undress you to get that marvelous dress in the wash before the stain sets.” She blushed as he pulled the first sandwich out of the pan and popped it in the oven replacing it with another. Again the smell of bread and butter filled the air.

He heard the chair creak as she stood and her heals click on the floor. She stood beside him holding a glass of wine “I cant be the only one enjoying this fine wine..” she said. He smiled takeing the glass “oh? Is it good?” She nodded, “I think so.. but you be the judge.” She took another sip and grabbed him by the collar pressing her lips to his.

His mind stoped. Sweet wine spilled into his mouth… he swallowed, a droplet spilling from his lips to slide down his chin. She quickly stepped back and raised an eyebrow. “Good?” He groaned softly.. ” quite… good. ” he knew he would never again taste that wine without the memory of her lips.

Shaken but smiling he pulled the sandwich off the stove and turned off the heat. Grabbing the one out of the oven he placed them both on the cutting board and sliced them Into quarters. He slid the sandwiches directly onto their plates and sat down across from her at the table.

“Thank you for coming to dinner. I hope my humble offerings are worthy of such beauty. Please.. eat while it’s hot. It’s best when at just the right temperature. ” he said. Picking up a slice she smiled “most things in life are.” She dipped it in the soup and bit into the golden wedge. He sipped his wine, watching.. wait for it… just a little more..

He saw it.. she tried to hide the surprise but her whole body seemed to just relax. She reached for the wine and he knew she was his. She sipped… her eyes went wide as the taste of perfect toasted bread and cheese mixed with the flavors of the wine. She moaned softly as she swallowed, her eyes takeing on a far away glassy look. He said nothing.. just watching as one by one the slices disappeared.

He knew what she was feeling.. he had spent a decade perfecting the perfect combination. Fresh baked bread with just the right amount of honey, cheese from Switzerland aged for exactly two and a fourth years. Butter from Ireland with just the right amount of cream and salt. Cast iron seasoned with sunflower oil at just the right heat. Soup made with the perfect proportion of tomato, cream and a touch of rye flower to bring out the flavors in the bread. Wine choosen for its unique sweetness and just the right dry aftertaste to complement and contrast with the slight char of the bread. It was a labor of love. And every bite was filled with warmth and joy.

Slowly her eyes again began to focus. She was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling in quick breaths. Her hands still shook as she placed her palms flat on the table and stood. Her eyes had taken on a hard determined look. “So… did you like it?” He asked smileing over his glass. She said nothing, picking up the half empty bowl of soup she looked directly into his eyes.

And slowly poured the rich red across the white of her chest. “Oops.. oh.. dear.. this will definitely stain… I need it washed… now.” He could no longer form rational thought and stammered “of course! Yes.. yes… the bathroom is right through… the……. bed…….. room.” She smiled a predatory grin and walked past him into the bedroom.

He gaped… what had just happened. His mind swirled with thoughts and possibilities. That was definitely deliberate.. she had just poured it on herself. What do I do now? Do I follow? Should I be a gentleman and get her a change of cloaths? Yes! That’s it. I should do that. He hurried into the bedroom and rummaged through his clothes for something that may fit her. Comeing up with a t shirt and some drawing house pants he turned toward the bathroom and stoped.

The shower was running, and laying outside the door was the stained dress. He gulped.. blushing slightly as he picked up the dress and hurried to put it in the wash. Returning with the cloaths he knelt to lay them outside the door as the shower had stoped. The door opened…. she stood before him in white lace lingerie.. and she had put back on the corset. She smiled at his look of astonishment. “Are you just going to sit there?” Her eyes were laughing and playful as she spoke. He stood slowly, afraid to shatter the moment. He reached out his had to caress her cheek, stepping forward he was so close he could feel the heat from the shower radiating from her skin.

Their lips touched, brushing softly like silk on velvet. He kissed the corner of her mouth, wrapping and arm around her and pulling her to him. Stepping backwards as his kiss deepened he drew her with him to the big four post bed against the wall. His knees bumped the edge and he fell backwards pulling her down atop him.

She pulled back from their passionate kiss breathing rapidly, “you sir… are wearing far to many cloaths.” Her voice quaverd with need as her hands undid the buttons on his shirt. His hands rested on her thighs as she sat atop him running her fingers across his chest. The last light of day illuminated her face as she undid his belt.

She was radiant. Her skin seemed to glow golden beneath the white lace clinging to her like a second skin. He stoped her hands as she reached for his zipper. She gave a little moan of frustration mixed with anticipation. “Not yet… let me just look at you.. I want to remember this moment forever.” Her face relaxed as his voice washed through her. She sat back on her heels and smiled looking down at him. “I like it when you look.” He lay back and gazed at her, his breath was shallow and his heartbeat fast. He was afraid to tell her that he was in love for fear she would reject him, it was too soon.. to quick.. but he felt it. Deep within him was a flame that had been there since the moment she hadn’t let go of his hand in the parking lot. Oh yes… he had it bad… and now here she was… a goddess of the sunset, exquisite and intense.

She leaned forward, laying across his chest and snuggling into the crook of his neck “have you seen enough? ” her voice was like honey in his ear. “Never enough, but enough for now.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Good” she purred into his neck kissing it and rolling to the side to unzip his jeans.

He lifted his hips allowing her to slide his pants off and exposing what she was longing for. She did not waste a second and had him deep in her mouth before he could say a word. He groaned and felt her hair… so soft.. slide through his fingers. Her tounge felt like it had a life of it’s own as it curled around him rubbing and teaseing his most sensitive arias.

Her nails left little scratches on his chest as she streched like a cat while her lips dripped lust down his dick. He was shakeing with tension like a plucked string, head thrown back and mouth open as he gasped for breath. He felt her mouth leave him and shuddered at the silken softness of her skin as she crawled up his body. His eyes opened to stare directly into hers. “I know that you love me” she said as she reached between them and pulled aside the lace between her legs. “You didnt need to tell me.. I knew as soon as you opened the door.” She whisperd in his ear. He felt the slippery heat against the head of his member and groaned, his head was spinning with pleasure and amazement. She grabbed his chin in her hand and turned his face to look directly at her.

“Look at me… and say it.” Her voice was like a pleading command. His hands found the perfect curve of her waist and held her. “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU” he said, and drove himself upwards impaling her apon him. She arched her back and cried out in satisfaction, griping him tightly within her.

He knew he would not last long as she began twisting her hips and pressing against his hips with her thighs. He sat up and pulled her against him. Chest to chest they rocked looking at each other. He could feel everything, “you love me too” he said. And kissed her. His tounge teased along her lips as she shuddered in orgasum. Her legs locked around his back a she leaned back pulling him atop her. “Do it hard beloved” she whispered, pulling him into her with her legs. He gave her what she asked for, holding her corseted waist he pounded against her. Again she came, clenching around him and squeezing him with her thighs.

And then he felt her hands close around his neck. She knew that would drive him over the edge. She released him as he felt pulse after pulse of white hot pleasure released inside her.

Exhausted they both collapsed in a tangle of blankets and pillows. They lay quietly, sweat cooling on their bodies. He reached up and brushed the hair from her face, twisting it around his finger. They both spoke at the same time, their soft voices each an echo and harmony of the other.. “beloved”…. they smiled and held each other close. Tonight.. they would not dream alone.

Best wishes -SirHanz

My Hero.

His name was Dana Crumb. My grandfather. And his life was no less than extraordinary. He served in WW2 as a marine engineer. He was awarded a bronze star for armoring a bulldozer with striped tank plate and under fire using it to clear a runway so reinforcements could land in the Pacific.

When he returned from the war he met my grandmother. A tiny sweet lady that was the only one he ever met that could out shoot him. Though he hated to admit it.

He went to work for IBM and helped to develop the first magnetic storage hard drive. Took early retirement as he sent the last of 7 children off to college. After that he sold almost everything they owned and bought a 65ft catamaran (3 hull sailing ship) and on it with my grandmother took 10 years to go all the way around the earth. I actually have two things he left for me when he passed that were on that boat. The barometer so I will always know when a storm is comeing. And the brass plaque from the bridge that says “to my crew, please be reasonable and do it my way – the captain “. That always made me grin.

On his voyage they had a few close calls. They had docked in Iran to take on supplies and had their passports confiscated and were not allowed to leave. After two days of waiting my grandfather had enough of it and decided it was time to go. My grandmother cut the phone line to the guard station in the middle of the night. My grandfather stormed In yelling and when the two guards stood up he clocked them both with a crowbar, picked up their passports and they were gone In half an hour.

He was a bold and intelligent man. He knew that the sea could be dangerous in some parts of the world. He also knew security ships would often board looking for guns. So he contacted a navy buddy and got a naval flare gun. As a distress call device on a ship no one would even look twice at it. What they didnt know is he had powdered the flares. So instead of shooting a flair that burned for several minutes, it shot a 50ft cone of blazeing phosphorus. Ten seconds of burning hell for anything unlucky enough to be anywhere near the muzzle.

So when a speedboat full of men with ak47s tried to pirate his boat…. heh… here’s the thing about speedbosts.. they use a lot of gas. So the pirates keep a stock of gas cans at the back of the boat.

He politely told them to go fuck themselves or he would kill them all. One had the gaul to laugh and take a shot at him. So he set their whole boat on fire. And because of the gas….

He didnt look for survivors. Just raised the sail and off he went, cleaning the char out of the barrel of his flare gun.

And then there was my birth. My grandmother flew back half way around the world from some tiny island in the Pacific to be with my mom. My grandfather stayed with the boat.

April 25th, 1979. A hurricane hit the island at almost the same time as I was born. He knew it would be bad. The Island was only a few feet above sea level and had only one building that may survive. So he knew there was no safe place on the island. He docked the ship on the downwind side of the island and chained it to the biggest rocks he could find. The. He dumped all their scuba tanks overboard in 40 ft of water. He tied rocks to water bottles and dumped them in as well.

Right before the storm hit he dove in. He spent 2 days underwater watching the waves crash overhead. When the storm passed he spent a 3rd day decompressing slowly and then hauled himself ashore.

The island natives had checked the boat for him after the storm and not finding him thought he had drowned. So when he emerged from the waves a day later they thought he was a ghost. It took him hours to convince them he was alive and explain what he had done. Finaly he got them to let him use the radio on the island to contact a friend in the states to call my grandmother and let her know he was ok. She told him he had a grandson. And he had his grandfathers eyes.

When they finished their sea voyage my grandparents sold the boat and his stock from IBM (by then worth a lot) and bought 150 acres of mountainside in Washington state. My grandfather rented a portable mill and used the timber he cleared to build a house. It was so picturesque that the town gift shop still sells pictures of the house perched on the mountain side on mugs to tourists.

I never got to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. I grew up In Texas and they lived in Washington. I did make a few trips to see him and spend a week with them a few summers. He was the best example of a hardworking honourable man a shy grandson could ask for. He died when I was 14…. and i miss him still. I was unable to go to his funeral but my grandmother came to see my family soon after and brought the barometer, and with it a note. “If you are reading this, then I have passed from this world. I no longer need this but it saved my life the day you were born. May it always warn you of the comeing storm”.

It has hung on my wall every day since. My grandmother passed 4 years ago. The whole family made the trip for the funeral. 6 children, 10 grandchildren, and 2 new great grandchildren. We mixed their ashes and scattered them in the sea that they loved.

He was… is… will always be.. my hero.

Best wishes.. -SirHanz

Campfire storytime

Its story time again.. so gather round the campfire. Everyone take a seat.. no pushing.. there is enough time for everyone to hear.

In a post a bit ago I talked about the more taboo side of bdsm. Edgeplay. And in that post I mentioned that I had a bit of experience.. with bloodplay.. and that I may share that.

Tonight.. I am telling the story.

It starts long ago.. in london.. with the transport of a box…

Wait.. no.. that’s Dracula. 😆 but that’s what you were expecting right? Sorry.. the closest I have ever been to a vampire is my 3rd edition printing of Dracula.

Nope.. no vampires in this story, but I was fascinated by the legends as a child and young adult. I like most legends and myths. But there was something powerful.. about blood. And the connection that was formed between vampires in myths and their donors or victims. So like anything I am interested in.. I learned. I read everything I could get my hands on, from folk tales to ann rice. I wasn’t as much interested in the whole “I’m an immortal undead” aspect of the mythology but the act of giving and takeing the vary life essence of another person and in the process forming a bond with that person I found beautiful.

And then I found bdsm. And I found a submissive girl who was as interested in bloodplay as I was. I will call her “one” because she was my first submissive. It took a while before we ever discussed it as we were both unshure of how the other would react when we brought it up. I forget who broached the subject but once the cat was out of the bag.. we planed a session.

I still remember that night. It was Saturday, at the time I was still an active member of the bondage show and was performing that night. It was a good show, one watched as I flogged a submissive tied to a cross… upside down. The crowd was thinner than usual and I remember thinking they were going to be sorry they missed that night. Halfway through the flogging the poor girl was a mess.. gasping and grinding against the cross, thighs slick, doe eyes spilling black mascara tears down her cheeks. She had a safe word and hadn’t used it. Before the show we had talked and she asked me to push her. She wanted to be pushed to the edge and forced to admit she could take no more. I was hesitant at first but with One’s blessing I agreed.

So I pushed her. First a heavy flogger. Then a chain flogger. She was in rare form. Moaning and crying with need. Every time I saw her legs start to shake building toward an orgasm I would back off. Switching to gentle touches and whispering words of encouragement over the music.

I was loveing it. I do have a sadistic streak after all. Every five minutes I would turn the cross so she wouldn’t pass out from the rush of blood to her head. I drew it out.. made her beg for more. The crowd was eating it up but it was now just me and her in our own little world. She was getting close again and again I stopped. By now she was deep in subspace and the shame of being flogged on stage was just pushing her deeper. I decided it was time to give her the final push she wanted. I brought out the single tail. An inch wide at the base tapered to a 1/8 inch tail over the 5 feet of leather.

She was still begging for more when I let it fly to kiss her ass. Her voice cut off with a gasp. There was a bright pink line slowly swelling on her white skin. It was a full second before what had happened registered. She inhaled.. I knew she was about to scream. The second strike traced across the backs of her thighs just before she opened her mouth.

She screamed. And came. Shuddering and shakeing agenst the smooth wood of the cross. Finaly she moaned.. “red”. I helped her down with the cheers of the crowd echoing off the back of the stage. One of the male subs helped her off the stage and into the back room. I had set up her requested aftercare items there and she had requested to be left by herself after to recover in quiet.

I left a note for her praising her wonderful performance and thanking her for allowing me to show the crowd what a great sub she was. Then I grabbed One and dragged her out the back. We were both turned on and wanted to play. She pressed against me and whispered up into my ear “let’s go home, tonight.. you will taste my life.”

The cab home was a blur of groping hands and frenzied kisses. She ran upstairs as soon as we got to the apartment. I paid for the cab, got my gear from the trunk and slowly approached the door. It swung open to reveal a trail of candles and rose petals leading down the hall. She had been preparing this. I put down my gear and closed the door. Soft cello music drifted from the back room. She knew my tastes and used them to create just the right atmosphere.

I followed the dim candlelight down the hall, drawing it in and letting the excitement build. As I entered the room the dark smell of jasmine and amber incense drifted past my face. One was in the center of the room. Kneeling and blindfolded. In front of her were her white leather cuffs. Her hands were clasped as if in prayer, holding a blade between them. It’s cold steel a beautiful contrast as it nestled between her breasts. She wore a garter belt with stockings and a black g string, and nothing else. I had wondered what she was hiding under her long dress at the club. She had prepared indeed.

I knelt before her and spoke directly into her ear so she could feel the warm breath with my words. “Do you concent to this?” One nodded slowly. I spoke again “say it.” Her voice was steady as she answered “I concent. Use me sir.” That was what I needed. Chains of self control and locks of will crumbled, I said nothing but in my head I could hear the howling of darkness getting closer. Her desire was palpable, filling the air and feeding my own with every breath.

I clasped my hand around hers and twisted the blade handle between her palms. I’m sure she could now feel the edges against the soft flesh of her breasts. Slowly I pulled her hands apart and took the handle of the blade. It was thin… a needle point stiletto with a clear handle and brass guard. “Sit on your hands.” I spoke quietly but I knew she would understand what was coming. She slipped her hands beneath her and waited.. I made her wait for it. I leaned close, breathing in her perfume and feeling her heartbeat quickening as I kissed her neck. I knew the blade in my hand, it was mine after all. I had sharpened it myself and you could shave with it. The edge caught the candlelight as I dragged it slowly downward. One held her breath, shakeing slightly as it bit into the tender skin between her breasts. Two thin red lines appeared after the blade was free. Ruby droplets of life glittering like gems in the soft light. I caught a droplet on my finger and one took a gasping breath. “Please… more.”

I lifted my finger and painted the blood across her lips. She looked so erotic. Crimson looking almost black in the dim light glistening wet apon her lips. I kissed her. Clove, copper and iron. I will never forget the pure erotic bliss of that kiss as she moaned into my mouth. I layed her backwards onto the carpet drawing her hands up above her head. The white leather wrapped around her wrists and I tied them to one of the feet of the bed allowing her to stretch out her legs.

I laid the blade against her collar, touching with just the tip. “Dont move.” I said surprised at the excitement in my voice. “Yes sir” one said, her voice was thick with arousal. I dragged the needle tip down across and around the outside of her breast. Her breath became shallow as it traced across her belly.. lower.. past her garter.

I carefully slid the edge between her skin and the garter belt. A twist and the lace parted. I rolled down the black stockings exposing the soft skin of her legs. I left her like that as I went to the kitchen and got a bowl filled with ice. I placed the blade in the ice and returned to the room. One was flushed with anticipation, not knowing why I left the room. I kneeled between her legs and lifted the knife. The flat of the blade slid across her hip and under the string of her panties. The cold was a shock, she jerked thinking I had cut her hip. I flicked the edge sideways slicing the string and let her feel that there was no pain. I pulled aside the fabric covering her sex and It was then that she realized what I had done. “Oh.. you basta” One’s voice cut off as I thrust two fingers into her dripping wetness.

Her hips bucked as she groaned softly, I layed my shin across her thighs and held her down as I worked my fingers slowly in and out. Each time makeing her shake as my thumb brushed her clit. She came quickly but i was not nearly done with her. I pulled my fingers from her and stood leaving the knife in the ice. I undressed, peeling myself out of the leather pants and loose shirt I wore to the show. I kneeled between her legs and let my hardness rest against the cleft of wet heat.

I lifted the blade from the bowl and chuckled as she squirmed trying to get me inside her. I placed the chilled blade in the curve between her neck and shoulder, holding her chin with my other hand to keep her still. She moaned and suckled at one of my fingers as the edge made a shallow cut about two inches long. Blood beaded in the cut, welling upward with steady pressure.

I removed my hand from her chin and slid the blindfold off, I wanted her to see. Her eyes were rolling with lust and need and it took a few seconds for her to focus on me in the low light. When I was shure she was watching I spoke “life for life” and ran the blade across my forearm. The cut burned like fire, her eyes widened as blood dripped onto her chest. I could see her eyes follow the droplets as they fell.

One was so engaged with seeing my blood she must have forgotten the position she was in. I lowered my arm to her greedy lips and bent to run my tongue along the cut between neck and shoulder. As I felt the burn of her mouth on my arm I thrust inside her. The anticipation and taste of life coursing through my mind was heat and pain and pleasure all at once. She locked her legs around my hips pulling me into her with animal need.

My self control deserted me as the beast within came to the fore. Growling with carnal lust I yanked my arm from her lips and pressed my bloody mouth to hers. The thought of our life essence mixing in passionate kiss was to much for us both. The feeling of intimacy and connection alsmot burned. The pleasure was a storm of erotic feelings as we both came.

I will skip the boring clean up, shower and band aids, a bandage for my arm. Giggling as we scrubbed the carpet to get the stains before they set. Laughing about how we should buy red towels.

It was one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life.

I hope you have enjoyed the story, now its bed time.. go to bed and sleep now that you are all pent up. 😏 yup.. I may be a switch now but that doesn’t mean I am not still a sadist.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Sunshine blogger award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Taylor Grace @ amazinggraceandpersonalspace
Thank you vary much for the nomination. I haven’t gotten an award since highschool! *happy dance*


The Rules:
• Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
• Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
• Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
Eleven Questions
1.If you were an animal(real or mythical) which would you be? Logically, not what you’d want to be.

Hm… maybe a black bear. I am fuzzy and warm. Dont like being around groups of people, work hard so I have more time to be lazy. Yah.. that sounds about right.

Not shure what happened to questin number 2.. maybe it’s a riddle?
3. Which fictional world, book or otherwise would you like to live in?

Toss up between any sexy vampire girl in corset bdsm novel or discworld saga.
4. If you could meet your favourite fictional character, but only as their villain, who would that be?

Any fictional character? Oh hell..

Talia al Ghul.

So hot. And of course that would make me batman. Ps.. I’m batman.
5. If you could build a theme park of any theme which would it be?

Bdsm. Lol. Wana ride the spank-o-tron?
6. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled? In Kilometres (or Miles, if you’re into that).

Total? On foot? By car? Motorcycle? Meh.. no idea. How far is japan from texas?
7. Do you have any animal or plant friends?

My oversized pomeranian cookie. And one of the peahens at work is sweet on me and follows me sometimes.
8. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever worked?

Ren fair. I was a professional loser lol. I would challenge other actors to fights and act like an ass so the crowd would cheer when I lost.
9. Do you have an obsession others find strange?

Define… others. And yes. I can get entranced by things I find beautiful. When I am creating something I get obsessed with finishing it and makeing it as perfectly as I can.
10. The ultimate 90s question. Oasis or Blur?

Trick question.
11. Finally, can trees hear what we’re saying?

Hear? Yes. Plants sence vibrations. Understand? I hope not. I have cursed at a lot of cedar trees during allergy season.
My 11 Nominees are the following Bloggers

Sorry there is not 11 but meh.. too tired to add more. Is there an award for laziness as well?

Best wishes.. -SirHanz

Memories of love

Laying in bed after a nap, cool sheets and soft blanket lull me in and out of sleep,

Outside even the cicadas are quiet, as I remember what it felt like to be loved,

The happy smile apon seeing my face,

A hug that felt so warm and comforting,

Joyous conversations,

A teaseing word or gesture makes the heart race and head feel light,

Hunger in her eyes that says “I love you, I want you, I need you”,

The kiss that thrills,

The kiss that says thank you.. for being you,

The kiss that promises more,

The kiss that says “I love you, goodnight”,

Love notes and poetry,

Random gifts just to see the other smile,

Holidays filled with care and affection,

A cool glass of water as I work in the heat,

A warm cup of tea as I work in the winter,

Cold nights and campfires, snuggled close,

Laughing at our own clumsiness,

Praising the others success,

The first sleepy “good morning”,

All this.. in a gentle touch.. and the whispered words.. “I’m in love with you”.

I remember.. how could I forget..

But it has been a long.. long time.. since I felt it.

Best wishes-SirHanz


Ever met an angel? You probably have and never knew.

I will let you in on a little secret. Angels are dicks. Now let me be clear here… I am not talking about the whole “messenger of god” type of angel. You dont meet those. They tend to stay wherever they come from. No.. the angels on earth are the fallen.

But wait.. wouldn’t that make them demons? No.. they where not so bad as to get cast into hell, but neither were they good enough to stay where they come from. You will notice I dont say heaven.. that’s because I have no idea where they come from.. and they ain’t talking.

So back to earthbound angels. Tell me.. even if you are basically vary good… if you are trapped with humans for eternity or untill something kills you.. what do you do? Well… you get vary… vary…. board. And what do board Angels do? They screw with people for no other reason than they can, and that it amuses them.

It’s not always malicious, sometimes they help people get what they think they want. Sometimes that’s great… sometimes it turns into a God dammed nightmare. That’s the thing though, they dont care if it turns out good or bad. They just spin the wheel and want to see what happens. We are the greatest interactive TV show ever.

I can hear you thinking it. “But if they do things that turn out bad… wouldn’t they be bad?” I will answer that in two ways. First, they gave you want you wanted, that in itself is good not evil. It comes down to intent. They had no intention of hurting you. If it happens to work out that way, not their fault. Free will is a bitch. Second, if you watch a horror movie, are you evil? No? Well that’s how they see us. Sometimes a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, always entertaining.

So yah.. dicks. Not because they would set you on fire. But because they would much rather watch you burn than put you out. Or they may put you out just to see how you act now that your all covered in burns.

At least with demons you know where you stand. Them, evil. Us, good. No far flung plans just to see us squerm. They just want to hurt us, make us suffer. And while they are a whole big dufflebag of assholes and hate… at least they are strait up evil. Angels? Who knows…

So it’s best to steer clear…. unless you cant. And that’s where I come in. I have the dubious honor of being able to see them for what they are. And they know it. And because of that they have tormented me. For you see, there are not many that can see them for what they are. And when they find someone who can.. it’s like the best toy ever. Just because its different from all the other toys.

They tormented me growing up, and of course no one believes a child that says angels are makeing his life hell. And that just amused them even more. I grew up.. and I tried to run. To get away from being constantly toyed with. It didnt work, they always found me.

Finally.. as I was nearing the end of my sanity I found a book. Old.. filled with blasphemous ramblings of an insane monk. The leather cover was scared and burned like it had at some point been set on fire. Pages yellow with age and ink faded almost to nothing. But in it.. there was a secret. Angels bound to the earth.. while hard to kill.. could die. And it told how to do it.

First you needed a demon. Only they knew how to make the poison that could weaken them.. make them mortal. Its actually much harder to find a demon than you may think. We humans are capable of some pretty horrific things all on our own. One out of a hundred thousand cruel and evil people is actually a demon. And its usually not the one you would suspect.

For me it was the 2643rd truly rotten individual that I found that turned out to be the real deal. And whew… she was a piece of work. Hidden in plain sight, English teacher at a highschool. Yup.. you always think your English teacher was evil. Just so happens this one actually was.

She was sleeping with her students and a few adults. Male and female, but only those that were in good relationships. And then blackmailing them, using them and finally destroying Their faith in love. Ripping apart their relationship, isolating them from their frends and family. Oh yah.. she was real all right. And all I had to do to get her to give up the poison was hang around attracting angels.

Demons by their vary nature are full of passion and emotion. Shure it’s a passion for corruption and evil.. but it’s still passion. Angels on the other hand, are cool and calm. Unflappable self confidence and easy charm. And demons… hate that. Angels dont actually give two craps about what demons do. But the reactions of people being tortured by a demon are amusing to them. And demons hate them even more for being used for entertainment.

She gave me the poison. Even told me the secret to makeing it. All you needed to make more was a burned angel feather. But here’s the catch. Angels only drop their fathers when they die. And I hand just enough of the poison for one dose. I had to make it count.

All those years of torment. Of hearing them whisper that it was ok.. they would help me. And then doing nothing as my life feel apart again and again under their influence. Trying to drive me to madness.. or death. You may think I may be mad, that there are no angels.. or demons. That this is all the raveling of a demented mind. Your half wrong. I may be twisted and a bit broken, but its because of them. And they are vary real.

It was one of the ones who tormented me as a child that found me in the empty warehouse. A splash of poison and a quick thrust of the blade… I didnt know Angels could scream. It was like no sound and all sound. A perfect b minor like the ringing of a glass bowl. And then it was done. Silence… before my eyes he slowly began to turn white. Like chalk given form. I quickly bent and snatched two fethers from his wing before they to were changed to white dust. And then he was gone.. the slightest breeze carried the dust away. No trace.. but for the two fethers I clutched in my hand.

One fether I burned to make more poison, the other I stitched into the lining of my coat. I learned something that night. If i wanted to take a fether, I had to be close. No poisoned bullet or arrow. They would be dust before I got to them.

Years past.. then a decade.. the Angels tormented me no longer. No… now they feared me. They made me what I am, and one by one.. they paid for it. Oh.. they tried to fight, to hunt me down. But that takes focus. And they are easily distracted. And they were afraid.

It was in New York where they finaly made their stand. They used one of their own as bait In the train yard. It smelled like a trap but I was not going to just walk away. The angel was in the back of a train car. I could see the fear emanating from him as I slipped inside. He held a spear before him.. he smirked, still arrogant even now. I knew closing with a spear in a tight space would not be the smartest move. But I needed to be quick. No long drawn out fight.

The backpack felt heavy over my coat but i knew it was worth it. I reached back and unhooked a pair of throwing knives. In one motion my arms snapped forward losing them to the wind. He could only block one. He understood that a moment too late. The unblocked blade found his throat. I knelt over him as his features turned that chalky white and began to erode away. Two fethers.. as always, slipped inside my coat.

There was noise behind me, I didnt turn around. I knew they may try something like this. I could barely hear them as they entered the car but their weight reverberated through the steel beneath me. I felt their footsteps through my hand as I braced myself still kneeling at the back of the car. Closer… closer.. more feet.. how many were there? They were yelling something I couldn’t make out but they were close enough that it no longer mattered.

My free hand slapped my chest, connecting the circuit. A small electric charge flew through the strap of my pack and into what waited within. A claymore mine. Strapped to shock absorbers and a steel plate. The noise was deafening. Even braced as I was I still felt the Impact as thousands of metal flechettes coated in poison roared through the boxcar. There was pain in my wrist as I stood and turned. I removed my earplugs as I surveyed the damage. White powder covered everything. There must have been over a dozen. The front two thirds of the car was now a solid white and looked like a kitchen strainer.

There were two left. They rounded the corner of the car and saw me standing amidst the devastation. They must have been outside when I triggered it. Maybe lookouts or guards. They gaped.. “blasphemous! You will pay for what you have done!” Screamed one of them. I sighed and opened my coat. The lineing was a brilliant white, layer apon layer of angelic feathers stitched inside. One from every angel I had put down. I was in no mood for a fight. My whole body ached from the blast.

My voice was quiet but it echoed in the confines of the car “walk away… my coat I warm enough”. As I sit writing this in my tiny loft apartment, nursing a broken wrist and a cup of coffee I have to be a bit grateful that they ran. I’m not shure I could have taken them in the state I was in. Every movement was pain. Even weeks later as I sit here I still have pulled muscles and a knee so brused I am walking with a cane.

I write this now because I know I am safe for a while. Those two will tell others.. who will tell more. They will tell of the man with a coat filled with death. And they will warn them to stay far away from him. For now.. I can rest. And maybe if another who is tortured and tormented finds my words it may give them hope.

Signed- In Nomine

Writing Challenge

So… I have been given a lot of inspiration to write lately and want to give some back.

I know there are quite a few poets and writers that read my blog and to them I issue the following challenge.

I will write a verse from the male perspective. Take what I have written and rewrite it from the perspective of the female character. I will set the stage, you get to get inside her head and decide what the experience is like from the other side. Ether post your work in the comments or post a link to the post on your page.

Now strap in and lower your visors.. I cant wait to see what you come up with.

“Let down your hair” I whispered,

With my hand apon her nape,

I stood back and considered,

Admiring her shape,

“Do not turn around, your face I wish to show,”

“To the passing people, just beyond the window,”

“See them stop and look, your beauty is divine,”

“Now take off your heels and stockings, or do not waste my time,”

She does as I have asked, looking nervous and unshure,

I kiss her sun touched shoulder and say she’s doing well,

“I know of your desire, and what will be its cure,”

“The myth of your control, I most surely will dispel,”

With my hand around her waist, I spoke softly in her ear,

“Now you must remove your dress, and let the people lear,”

I saw the shiver through her spine, as her dress fell on the floor,

By her face in the reflection, I knew she wanted more,

“Some walk past unknowing, some they stop and stare,”

“Now it’s time for the final piece…. lose the underwear, ”

Now her hands are shaking, her blush has reached her chest,

I watch her movements in the glass, as she slowly gets undressed,

My arm now wraps around her, turning beauty from the street,

Framed against the light, gently our lips meet,

I feel her pressed against me, all heat and lust and sin,

I know just what she wants, as I kiss across her skin,

“Place your hands apon the window, and slowly spread your feet,”

“Let’s give the people passing, even more of a treat,”

She does as she is told, now beyond the point of shame,

One touch between her shapely legs, and shuddering she came,

As she sinks down to the floor, to lay apon her dress,

I feel at last it’s time, I really should confess,

“You did so well today,”

“And didn’t disobey, ”

“So a secret I will tell you, the glass it is one-way.”

Best wishes-SirHanz

The angriest raindrop.

I am born in storm,

The rolling thunder harolds my birth,

Knives of air cut me from my mother,

Cast down.. free falling through each moment of life,

I would scream.. but I am denied a voice,

Enraged at the futility of my life..

But low.. though I am small,

My wrath shall crush mountains,

I shall have my vengeance apon the cruel earth!

I shall join with the river,

And even in death.. claim what is owed,

For while one of me,

May barely dampen the ground,

A billion will rip it wide open.


Happy writing, writing prompt.

Trees, the kind of trees that reach upward to touch the sky,

Open spaces, where the cool wind blows and warm sun shines,

Napping, on a rock in the middle of a snowmelt stream,

Devotion, in the eyes of someone that loves you fiercely,

Helping, feeling the gratitude of someone in need,

Great sex, the kind that makes you want to laugh with joy,

Learning, there is always something new to understand and enjoy,

Teaching, sharing what I have learned,

Fixing the forgotten, it’s old and rusted and broken… and I will make it beautiful,

Beauty, seeing it where others forget to look.

Stars, laying in the grass and marveling at the heavens,

Tea, a warm cup on a cold day.

Quiet, just being close to someone you love.

Joy is where you find it.. I find it in simple things.

Best wishes-SirHanz


There once was a boy. Not an ordinary boy.. this boy was special. Well of course he is special I hear you thinking, you dont write about ordinary boys.

Let us look closer.. why was he special? What made him different than all the other boys? Follow me I say.. let us examine him.. and we will both find out together.

The first thing we notice is how he is dressed. Black jacket folded and laying beside him on the bench at the back of the club. His shirt is a deep red, you may think it black untill the lights from the dancefloor catch along his chest showing it’s true color. Simple black pants with boots laced up to just below the knee.

He sits with his hands folded in his lap, back straight and head tipped slightly to listen to the music. A slight smile just touches his lips. The buzz of people swirling through the club seem to flow like water around him. He looks like he is waiting.

A few times he is approached by this or that girl or lady offering to dance or get him a drink. He just smiles and shakes his head thanking them kindly for their interest but politely declining. He looks at the door in anticipation, for you see.. he was early. He was to meet her at nine, he checks his watch seeing the seconds tick down. 3. 2. 1. Nine o clock. He quickly slips the timepiece back in his pocket and places his hands back in his lap trying to hide the tremor of nervousness.

He looks at the floor, his gaze fixed on the grain of the wood. He dares not look.. what if she isn’t there? He cant help but fidget as he waits… is she here? Is she looking for him? What if she doesn’t see him and leaves? What if she saw him and thought he was ugly? What if she is already… there are feet in front of him, he didn’t notice he was so caught up in thought. Black heels.. he slowly raises his gaze. Black lace following the lines of her legs.. the hem of her dress.. black with silver switching. Higher.. the gentle curve of hips.. waist clad in leather..

Suddenly she kneels and is looking into his eyes. Her! It was her! She came! And.. and.. oh lord she is hot.. where do I look? Am I being rude? Does she want me to look? A flustered blush rises in his cheeks but he cant look away. His heart feels like it’s trying to strangle his lungs.. pounding.. breathless. He can stand it no longer, her gaze is predatory.. full of heat and promise. Too much! He looks away blushing fiercely.

Now for shure she will hate him he thinks. He is a coward, she would never want a coward. A single tear of helpless frustration slowly rolls down his cheek. She slips onto the bench next to him, pressing her body close. Her face is again before him.. so close he can feel her breath on his lips. Her eyes are alight! Glittering in the flashing neon. Her hand catches his neck tipping his head back and to the side. His eyes close, his body relaxing into her grip. Warmth.. his chin.. his cheek.. what is.. oh.. oh! The reality hit him like a two by four across the forehead. She was licking the path of his tear..

He groaned, his blood sang in his vains. His hands clenched the wooden edge of the bench. She leaned closer.. her breasts pushing up against his chest and whispered in his ear “tonight.. you are mine. I know your secret. And I will have… everything.” His breath was short, panicked.. his eyes darted around to room looking for escape. She knows! How can she know! He needed to move! To run! His brain was screaming.. run you fool!

But her touch.. her soft warmth.. held him more surely than chains of iron. Again she spoke, her hot breath on his ear sending a shiver through him “you will follow in five minutes.. I will be waiting. ” then her warmth was gone and he was left to gape as he watched the sway of her hips as she made her way across the room and out the door.

Five minutes.. he could run.. but what if she was telling the truth? What if she knew?

Four minutes.. wait.. she knew.. and she wanted him anyway?

Three minutes.. what to do.. run.. or…

Two minutes.. crap! Not enough time!

He grabbed his jacket and threw it on.

Weaving through the crowd he was careful not to touch anyone slipping on black gloves as he walked with hesitant steps toward the door.

Pushing through the heavy oak of the door he was momentarily blinded by the brightness of the streetlight. He held up his hand to block to brightness, through the gap between his gloved fingers he could see a car siting at the curb. The door to the passenger side facing him opened. Her voice carried though he couldn’t see her in the dark interior “get in.”

It wasn’t to late.. he could still run.. he could still…. the feeling of her hand on his neck still lingered. He got in the car, and carefully closed the door shutting out the tumult of the streets. Her voice was soft but it carried in the quiet of the car “I’m glad you didnt run. I would have found you. But I’m glad I didnt have to. I know your scared.. but you are doing well.” As she spoke she reached over and took his hands, slowly pulling the gloves from his skin. “Yes.. I know what these are for.” She drew his hand closer and placed it on her thigh. He bit his lip to suppress the rush he felt. He could taste copper. She left his hand apon her as she put the car in drive and pulled out into trafic. The drive was a blur of flashing lights and darkness, and through it all his eyes never left the shadow of her face. He couldn’t remember.. how long had it been.. his hand was still resting lightly on the bare skin of her leg, his chest felt like it was about to burst. Everything was so clear.. so alive.

They had stoped. How long had they been stopped? She gently lifted his hand from her skin. Reality snapped back into focus, he was left feeling diminished. He spoke for the first time “w.. where are we?”

“We are at the beginning.” She said as she slipped out of the car. He still wasn’t shure quite what was happening but he knew it felt different.. good. The night air was cool and smelled vaguely of jasmine as he stepped out of the car. The gravel crunched under his boots as he followed the lady under the low hanging branches of trees, silent in the darkness but for the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Now they were on a trail, winding upward as the forest grew dense around them.

Turning a corner her found her standing before a small house nestled in the trees. He could see a dim light through the window and there was a faint smell of wood smoke in the air. “Do you live here?” He asked, feeling a bit more himself among the trees. She chuckled as she unlocked the door “no.. it is mine but I dont live here. I just thought you would be more comfortable here.” He nodded as he followed her, accepting it for what it was.. it was true after all. But how had she known? As he entered she shut the door behind him. He heard the click of a lock. “You do realize that I ment what I said.. tonight you are mine. I think you know already it is too late to run.” Her soft voice carried across the room as she bent to stoke the fire in the hearth. “Yes.. I made my choice when I got in the car.” He said, his eyes following the light of the fire as it came to life and danced yellow and orange across her bare shoulders.

“When I got your letter telling me to meet you at the club and that you knew about me.. I came because I was curious. Please.. how much do you know? And how could you possibly know as much as you do?” He removed his coat and hung it on the hook beside the door as he talked. Her vary presence was enough to muddle his words if he didnt look away.

She sat on the small sofa facing the fire and patted the space next to her “sit. It will be easier to show you how I know” He nodded, still trying not to look directly at her for fear he would be lost in her beauty and unable to think. He sat next to her, again feeling her closeness. “Look at me.” she said, and he couldn’t deny that voice. He looked.. the light was perfect, framing her features and highlighting the curve of her neck and shoulders. She was magnificent. Entranced he could only watch as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

He was lost.. and found all at once. In that moment when time has lost all meaning, wraped in the pleasure of her kiss.. he knew. It flowed between them building apon itself getting stronger, more intense. She was like him. What had always only passed from them to him now boiled like a furnace in his chest. To much! With a gasp of breath he broke the kiss, falling backwards onto the floor. The clarity of her passion still burned within him. Oh.. but for just one more taste, he would risk his vary soul.

She slipped the heels from her feet and stood over him as he tried to catch his breath. She ran her hands across her shoulders and down her arms. Pulling the fabric of her dress downward, exposing the swell of her chest. She smiled.. it wasn’t a soft smile, it was the smile of the wolf about to dine apon the rabbit. She knelt and sat astride him, the black lace of her dress settling across him. Her hands found the collar of his shirt and with a jerk buttons popped and flew. The warmth of the fire danced apon his skin, spreading its light and reflecting the fire in her eyes.

His need grew.. feeding and multiplying with each passing moment. She could feel it as well.. he was shure of that now. Her delicate fingers rested apon his chest over his heart. Her touch was tender.. but her heart was not.. almost violent desire poured from her in a torrent. He couldn’t help it, his back arched.. pressing his skin against hers.

She giggled, actually giggled! There was joy in that sound. Her hand left him as she slid backwards down his legs to sit apon his ankles. She worked quickly, undoing his belt and dragging the zipper downward…. with a steady pull she left him completely exposed. The amber light of the fire hid his blush, but nothing could hide the desire that stood before her. His hands came up to hide his face, he was shure he would die of embarrassment. The sound of her voice drifted to him mixing with the crackle of the fire. “Oh.. you are just too sweet..” she leaned to the side pulling his pants down to his ankles and synching his belt tight around them. He had to see what she was doing. He slowly peeked around his hands, she was again sitting astride his legs. Her breasts hung seductively before him. Her breathing was still restricted by the corset hugging her shapely waist causing her chest to lift with each shallow breath.

He felt the anticipation thrilling them both. She crawled up his body, stalking him.. cornering her pray. His hard flesh was hidden beneath the fall of her dress as she came to face him. She grabbed his wrists and forced them down, pinning his hands to the floor. They were now face to face.. inches apart. Her eyes were a hungry golden in the fire light, devouring the storm tossed blue gray that looked back at her.

He felt heat.. wetness.. just barely touching him.. underneath her dress. He bit his lip to suppress a moan as he realized she wasn’t wearing anything beneath her… she kissed him.. and pressed herself hard downward. They both felt the rush. Gasping mouths locked as both their bodies went ridged. Pleasure surged upward, tieing them together and threatening to overwhelm them.

She broke their kiss and trailed her lips across his chin and down his neck, slowly rocking her hips to press against him. His mind was white, it was so far past his control. Mental hands felt for anything to grab hold of but it was like trying to catch a raging wind. It was all he could do to hold his ground as he was slowly being consumed by the gale.

She moved faster, pressing down apon his wrists to lift herself, then pushing him inside her with reckless abandon. He could feel the tightness and heat.. somehow not being able to see beneath the dress made it even more erotic. He felt her gasping breath at his neck, he felt the silky skin of her chest rubbing agenst his. She moaned from deep within her, the sound vibrating up through his body.

Her need was like molton metal in his vains.. igniting his own and burning him from within. He felt her hands grip tighter, her nails digging into his flesh. The pain was exquisite pleasure in the moment… and then he felt her teeth. She cried out, convulsing in orgasmic bliss and sank her teeth into the tender flesh of his neck.

His mind and body let go. His eyes rolled back in overwhelming pleasure, his breath was gone. His hips pushed upward, driving himself into her and grinding against her as his lust for her pulsed with her body and mind. She lay atop him, her tounge teaseing the mark apon his neck as he spent himself inside her. She let go of his hands and layed her head apon his chest, she was filled.. content.. he wraped his arms around her. Holding her to him. She closed her eyes relaxing into his embrace. He was still inside her as they both fell into the depths of sleep.

But they were not alone in their dreams.. they were connected now. Bound with chains no hammer could break. Hand in hand.. they walked into the misty forest of sleep. And they both knew.. they would stay.. just like this.. forever.

I told you the boy was special.

Best wishes.. -SirHanz