The gift of time

What is the most valuable thing in the world? Time. No matter how much money or jewels you have you are still closer to death than when you started. We spend our time without really thinking about that. How much time did you just blow listening to that guy at work that annoys you? 15min? Doesn’t seem like much right? Now say you do that (being generous here) 3 times a week. That’s 45min. 3hrs a month. 36 hrs a year. How long did you say you had worked there?…….. entire days of your life gone. That much closer to death and all you got for it was a bit of annoyance. 
 I.. quite literally.. dont have time for that crap. And neither do you. Because here’s the kicker… we always have less time than we think. Think your gonna live to be 80? 85? We all could get a fatal disease or get hit by a bus tomorrow.  On some level we understand that. But we dont spend our time like we do.
 So when someone is makeing an effort to spend their time for nothing more than to make you happy.. it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple thing or an extravagant date. They are choosing to spend that part of their life on you.  I am always grateful when someone does. Especially if it is someone I care about.
 We are all busy adults and our time is often spent doing things we would rather not have to do. So when we have some time to spend on things or people we enjoy we should all make a little more effort to do so. And in the process understand what a gift we are giving or receiving.  It is life itself.  There can be nothing worth more.

When I write,  I spend my time. Ether because I enjoy it or because I feel it is something worth the life I am spending to write it. It is not an off the cuff whim spent in some frivolous fashion.  It is a conscious choice. I feel we all get caught up in the day to day rush and rarely make that choice. We just react to the current need or crisis and end up wasting a lot of time then wondering when we will ever find time to be happy or do things we enjoy.

Thank you for reading.. I hope it was worth your time. -SirHanz

Dear diary..

Woke up this morning feeling stiff and sore. I think I may have overdone it a bit with the exercise this last weekend. Work should be challenging to say the least. It’s going to be 100 degrees today and I have a ton of things to do. I really should have taken some ibuprofen before leaving the house… oh well.. maybe next time.

I was thinking about how weird it’s going to be to date again on the way to work. It’s not that I am not confident in who I am, I think it’s that when you have not used a skillset in 15 years you tend to be a little nervous about doing it again. I keep telling myself that its not like I am rushing to find someone but i am trying to put myself out there more.

Had a simple lunch of rice and curry, one of the benefits of working where I do is free Indian cooking. It’s usually nothing fancy but it’s good and healthy.

I rescued a damsel in distress today. One of the residents at the temple was loading boxes on her golf cart and one slipped, landing on the gas pedal. The cart took of and embedded itself in the woods. Fortunately she nor the cart were badly hurt but it took me about 20 minutes with the chainsaw to free the cart from the trees.

I am fairly shure my brain is cooked. Did 10hrs today out in the sun. And whew.. I definitely needed a shower when i got home. A long cold one. But all clean and smelling good again. Now if only i could shake this heat headache. Maybe food will help. Just took the pizza out of the oven and am letting it cool. (Yes.. I know.. pizza bad for Hanz diet. But was just too tired to go to the store to get something else tonight.) Besides I am fairly shure o lost about 2lbs today just from working out in the heat.. pants were feeling a little loose by the time I got home.

I hope your day was cooler than mine.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Fuck it.

You ever had one of those days when your so tired you want sleep more than dinner? But you know if you dont eat you will wake up starved in the middle of the night?

Yah… that’s been my day.

3 hours of sleep last night followed by 8 hours of work out in the heat. At three o’clock I thought to myself “wow, I actually dont feel too bad considering the lack of sleep and the heat.”

5 PM rolls around and I am driving home and that’s when it decides to hit me. I could barely keep my eyes open, was feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Made it home through shear willpower I think.

And now I am faced with cooking dinner.

Fuck it. Sandwiches.

Out of bread.

Fuck it. Use a bagel.

Out of mayo.

Fuck it. Just add extra mustard.

Damm I am tired…

Fuck it. Nap time.