Kink 101

I am starting a series of posts examining in depth my own kinks. Each post will focus on one kink from my kink list. So… without further adu…


There are many different styles of corsets. And some that are called corsets but are not.

Types of corsets include but are not limited to….

Waist clincher,





long line,

wasp waist(waspie).

There are many different styles and types within these categories as well. Some overlap between styles like you could have an overbust long line, or an underbust bdsm..

And then there are laceing styles. Training corsets start just barely tight and are slowly tightened over time. Formal or decorative corsets are sized for a certain effect and are moderately tight. Tightlaced corsets are as tight as you can possibly stand.

Things that people call corsets but are not.

Corset tops,

these are stretchy.. cheap.. and usually dont even have functional laces.


basicly a bra with added support.. some boneing.. heavy duty spandex..and structured panels.


generally worn over a chemise or a shirt. They can lace in the front, back, or sides. Some have boneing some dont. But they are not made to be tightly laced.

Now on to the fun part.

Why it’s a kink.

Let’s start with the obvious.. its basically bondage gear that is socially acceptable to wear everywhere.

It is restrictive, it limits your ability to bend at the waist and if laced tightly forces you to take shallow breaths. If you have a partner tightening it for you… feeling the slow squeeze as the laces are pulled tighter and tighter is a vary sensual experience.

As a dominant, it’s like bondage and breath play all rolled into one. And you can go out for a dinner or a movie while doing it. What’s not to like? Being able to shape your submissive? Hell.. I am at half mast just thinking about it. Not to mention a corseted waist makes a great handhold for when you have her bent over a table.

So… yah.. definitely sensuous and fulfilling for a dominant. If you dont own one I highly recommend it. Depending on your dynamic they can have different meetings to a submissive as well. For a massocist they can be painful, for a little they can feel like getting a hug all the time. But for everyone they are just damm sexy.

Thinking of Kink -SirHanz

Drumroll please… The kink list.

Have been working on this for a while, and honestly sharing my personal list of kinks is definitely not something I am comfortable doing. And that is the point. To get out of my comfort zone.

So.. without further adu. .. bum ba ba bum!

The kink list…

(Not In alphabetical order or in order of preference)

Corsets…. They are just sexy in so many ways how could I not start with that.

Restraints….. Leather, rope, metal, ziptie, whatever other mad DIY bondage thingy I can wrestle into existence from my imagination.

High heels… they make your legs and ass look great. And even though they make your feet hurt you put them on for me anyway. I like that.

Begging… want to know why I like this? You will have to beg.

Breath play.. yes, I know the dangers and I also have spent plenty of time learning what not to do and what we both will enjoy.

Spanking.. I think we all know this one.

Whips and floggers… traceing the pink lines apon a subs skin with a fingertip and hearing them moan… exquisite.

Sensory deprivation… no sight.. no smell.. no taste.. no hearing.. only the feel of my hand on the skin..

Orgasum denial.. the look on a subs face when they want it soooo badly… beautiful.

Gags… what was that? You want more?

Shibari… still learning. Beautifully complex.

Anal play and sex… intense pleasure.

Massage… having a sub work the kinks (pun intended) out of sore muscles… yah that is sexy..

Collars… this is mine.

And finally my biggest fetish… submission itself. The look on a subs face and in her eyes when she puts all that she is in your hands… oh yes.. bliss.