A switch in dream.

It was cold… I shivered as her silk gloved hand dragged the icecube down my chest. I could feel the slight wetness left behind by its passage. I shivered.. not at the chill, but at her warm breath traceing the same path.

It is dark behind the strip of cloth that has taken my sight. I wish I could see her.. is she smiling? I can smell the amber sent of her.. she must be close. I can feel the ache slowly spreading in my shoulders, the rope biteing my skin. My hands are pulled behind me and tied, the rope running beneath the chair. There is another strip of cloth around my neck, securing my head to the high back of the chair. I can feel her fingers.. caressing.. teaseing.. move along the line of my collar of cloth.

I could feel the drag of rope along my thigh.. the pressure as it was pulled tight. First one.. then the other.. my legs pulled apart.. she must have pulled it beneath the chair. I can feel the added tension in my wrists.

I smiled, looking down at her. Her legs spread.. her back arched as her arms were held behind the chair… gorgeous. I kneeled before her, takeing her ankle into my hand… positioning it next to the chair leg. I worked quickly, the loops of jute seeming to fly from my fingertips. A steady pull..a jerk as knots held her fast to the oak. Stepping back I examined my handiwork. The chair was positioned exactly two feet from the bed, the spacing was important for what I had in mind.

What a work of art.. her mouth just slightly open.. her pulse quick in the hollow of her throat… the swell of her bust laid bare.. the blush that was creeping up her neck to her cheeks..

I could feel the blush riseing, what would she do? All the possibilities stretched out before me.. each more tantalizing than the.. wait.. her hand was apon my chest. A shove and I was falling backwards in darkness. The world seems to twist and spin. Falling.. I was falling! Muscles clench as I brace for the impact. Fear fills my brain telling me to run, to get away.. but there is no impact. No sudden pain, only the soft catch of the edge of the bed. I can feel the coolness of the sheets beneath the back of my head.

I try to relax but my hummingbird heart is haveing none of it. I can feel the chair shift as she moves apon the bed. Again.. the amber.. she is close. Her lips touch mine.. I can feel her softness, she tastes like coffee. Then she is gone, leaving lingering warmth. Her lips touch my ear..

I whisper “I am going to use you.” I can feel the heat run through her as I cup her chin in my hand. I kneel above her, my thumb resting at the corner of her mouth. Shadows cast by candle light play and dance across her. Yes.. I want her. Her body.. yes.. but more.. I want her heart. With firm pressure I open her mouth. She is breathing faster knowing what is to come.. but I make her wait. Let her feel the hardness of me resting against her lips. Slowly.. yes.. ever so slowly.. I sink past her lips. The chair glistens between her thighs. She moans, trying to pull me deeper. With a sudden thrust…

I push my tounge deeper. I cannot see.. and cannot hear with her thighs clamped tight to the sides of my head. I want to struggle.. to grab her and pull her to me. But my bonds are tight. She presses down, grinding herself apon me. I am for her.. to use for her pleasure. Unspoken words ring loudly in my head as I feel the wetness flood my mouth.

She is not done.. even as she shudders against me her hands are firm apon my shoulders.. needing.. demanding.. more..

I could only try to give her what she demanded. She pushed herself downward once again, rocking back and forth.. her delicate lips filling my mouth with sweet nectar.

I was hard once more as I slowly drew myself up and away.. a Groan of longing spilled from her as I left her warmth. A tiny thread of saliva dripped from her chin to land glittering apon her chest. I moved to stand before the chair and slowly started to undo the bindings. I worked upward, traceing my fingertips across the marks left apon her skin. “Please… I need you…” her soft voice seemed to fill the whole of my reality. But I would not be rushed. As I freed her wrists her arms came up to encircle me, pulling me down into her waiting lips. Her kiss was fire.. firce.. filled with pent up longing and need. With a gentle push I freed myself from the all consuming blaze. I cut the rope running beneath the chair, leaving the binding around her thighs.

Lastly I retrieved my gift from the drawer at the bedside. Laying it flat apon my hand I held it before her and with a deft twist removed the blindfold.

I could see.. my body was sore.. and burning with need. I blinked.. trying to adjust to the dim light. My eyes found hers.. I drank her in like a man on the verge of death. And then she lifted her gift into my view. Longing, lust, love, frustration, acceptance.. spilled slowly down my cheeks as I looked at the collar she held. It was simple.. yet complex.. all at the same time. Like me… I thought.

The floodgates opened. My heart unfolded into her hands. I tore at the cloth that still held my neck to the chair and fell to my knees before her. My eyes blurred with emotion, she lifted my chin to look at her. She knelt.. fastening the collar around my neck. A single tear like a falling star flowed down her perfect face.

And that’s when she saw it.. a collar.. identical to the one I had just clasped around her. Graced my own neck. It was too much… she threw herself into my arms, weeping and kissing my face. She pushed me back apon the bed, rolling over and pulling me into her as she kissed me. We were both lost. She clenched around me, wrapping her legs around my ass to pull me deeper. She jerked and twisted, clawing at my back…. her breath was short… her chest heaved… we rolled..

She grabs my face, pulling it to her breast as she rides me.. we dance.. finding the steps as we go. Each movement without thought leading to the next. I have lost track of her orgasms…3..8? It doesn’t matter. She sucks with greedy abandon apon my fingers as our rythem gains speed. Pulling her down to lay atop me I lift my knees and thrust harder.. grinding against her hips. He legs begin to shake.. she is close. Lifting her face to mine our lips meet just as she cries out her final victory. Her voice pours into me even as I pour into her.

We lay panting in the disheveled sheets.. Bodies slick with sweat, relishing the cool air. I pull her against me.. amber.. and salt.. kissing her neck I ask..”will you keep me?”

The alarm goes off. Dog barks at the alarm.. dammit.. too soon! Take me back! I need to know what she said!

I bury my face in the pillow.. groaning in frustration. “Fuck that was intence..” I peek at the light just starting to drift through the window. So vivid.. I need to write.. but first.. tea.

Best wishes -SirHanz