All Hallows Eve

She hung from the branches,
Naked and exposed,
Wrists bound tight,
Delicately posed,
The light was just right,
Caressing tanned skin,
On this Hallows eve,
We are ready to begin..
Hot wax dripping,
Across her thighs,
Moans and gasps,
The cliffs echo her cries,
Supple chest bound in rope,
A breeze,
Such a tease,
Desire growing.. its hard to cope,
Legs spread wide,
Secret places on display,
An arousing sight,
Should anyone pass this way,
Silenced with a kiss,
As fingers explore,
Groaning into my mouth,
A plea for more,
Her pleasure is mine,
To give or deny,
I let it build,
And unzip my fly,
I nip at her lips,
Then muffle her voice,
Today the ball gag,
Shall be my choice,
Her legs begin to twitch,
My beautiful Erose,
Sopping wet,
I know she is close,
Pulling away I slap her rear,
Her muffled gasps,
So sweet to hear,
Ever so slowly,
I press upward and in,
Sensitive flesh.. engorged and red,
She shakes and shudders,
As I pull back her head,
Holding tight.. knotted in her hair,
Breasts heaving,
In the cool evening air,
She grips me tight,
Oh.. what a sight,
The faster I go,
The better the show,
I whisper in her ear,
And tell her to cum,
At last I see her,
Completely undone,
She jerks and writhes,
Squeezing tight her eyes,
Thrusting deep,
Into she that is mine,
A shiver.. as I kiss her spine,
Her flawless submission,
Wraped round my heart,
As I lift her,
Holding her legs apart,
Faster and faster,
Right on the edge,
I pull out and plaster,
Her ass with my seed,
Her body hangs,
Dizzy with need,
But I’m not done,
I still want to play,
We will have more fun,
Before the brake of day,
Her sweating body,
I gently let down,
Laying her supine,
Apon the blanket on the ground,
Rubbing her legs,
And kissing her wrists,
Warming her up,
For midnight trysts,
Trick or treat comes a voice,
From out of the trees,
I grin and softly spread her knees,
Here is your treat,
I say to my guest,
I know it’s the thing,
That you like best,
I watch her come forward,
Already undressed…
I slip out the gag,
As my guest dives below,
Her eyes are shineing,
Licking hard and slow,
My flowers eyes they glitter with lust,
As her hips begin,
To grind and thrust,
Hard once again,
Her mouth is hot on my skin,
I nod my head,
And she takes me in,
A wet face appears from between her thighs,
I grin as she holds up another surprise,
A buzzing toy pressed between their clits,
My flower contorts with orgasmic bliss,
Moaning around me as the first wave hits,
I cant hold out against this sexy sight,
She swallows every drop,
To my delight,
We all collapse,
Stated and warm,
Skin to skin,
Our bodys conform,
Happy Halloween I say,
Half in a daze,
She smiles at me,
Holding my gaze,
Her voice is ragged.. barely a hiss,
My grin widens as she whispers,
I’ll get you for this….

Best wishes -SirHanz

Will you…

Hello little flower,
Do you need a hand?
If I help you stand,
Will you fall to your knees?
And beg me please..
To show you the way,
To twist and caress,
Under your dress…
If I give my touch,
That you want so much,
Across your skin,
Wet with sin,
Will you draw me in?
With your crimson lips,
And fingertips,
Your moaning breath,
Apon my ear,
The little death,
That makes it clear,
You feel me near,
Greedy girl,
Wanting more,
Grinding the pearl,
Against the dock,
I bet you thought,
That was a euphemism for cock,
I know your reading,
Wanting me inside,
So keep on feeling,
And spread yourself wide,
It’s a hell of a ride..
Go on if you must,
Let your fingers thrust,
As you imagine my lust,
You wont stop I trust,
Till the vary last line,
Moving faster with the words,
And keeping time,
With the lightning building,
At the base of your spine,
Let go your control,
As you imagine the pole,
That skewers your soul,
Feel the streach,
As nector flows,
Let the pleasure etch,
My desire with prose,
Into your mind,
And across your ass,
Responding in kind,
By comeing at last,
With shakeing thighs,
And glittering eyes,
Your submission buys,
You a chance to rise,
And feel the warmth,
Within your mouth,
For all the work,
You did down south.

You know you want to… 😏 -SirHanz