Diet day 5ish..

Today was a busy day but had a healthy lunch of rice and Indian spiced greens. And even skipped the desert cookie.

Thankfully it was not as mind numbingly hot today as yesterday. So I was able to get a bit more done at work today. Even found time at the end of the day to help the elderly couple that live on the hill. They had a problem with their blinds falling, the original installer put the hanging brackets too far apart. So after work I re-mounted all their window blinds. Lol the little old Indian lady insisted I take a mango home with me for my effort.

Got home and made a nice salad with fresh made lemon thyme vinegarette. Then did 15min on the elliptical. Overall a good day I think. Now time for shower, then rest and doggy snuggles.

Powered by hope -SirHanz

Diet day 3.. ish.

Why must beer taste better when your abs are sore? I swear it does. Had stir fry last night and a soda but I took cookie for a late night run so hopefully that will burn the soda calories. Fuck this beer tastes good. Hmm.. I wonder if one of the local breweries would sponsor my blog if I had enough followers.. what do you think? Should I be a shill for free beer? Do drunk crunches all day and dom by night?… naw… but it was a fun thought. Although… if it were a salsa company I would have trouble saying no.. just putting it out there.. you read me Mark’s good stuff salsa? The salsa that is the most amazing thing on the shelf. And good ole Pace.. I cant forget you.. you are a meal in a jar. 🤠

Ok ok.. back to diet. I usually dont eat breakfast anyways (a cup of tea does me just fine) had a salad for lunch. (Small salad because the damm grocery store put all the brown and wilted lettuce in the center and covered it with the nice looking leaves). And now I am haveing a quarter of a bag of salsa verde chips (not portioning, that was all that was left in the bag). Have yet to decide what I am doing for dinner but there is a frozen pizza in the freezer that has curves in all the right places… but I must resist! Why must the beer taste so good? Why? Hmm.. maybe a good night for tacos.. who am I kidding.. its always a good night for tacos.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Stir fry ala Sir.

Want to make some quick easy stir fry that kicks total ass? Yes.. all the asses.. kicked.

Here is what you will need.

Rice noodles. Vermicelli.


Tamari soy sauce

Stir fry oil

Tested sesame oil

Hot mustard


White pepper

Bok choy


Baby corn

Bean sprouts

Green onion

A wok

Wash the bok choy well, those little bastards can get downright dirty. Then chop the bok Choi. Separate the harder white part from the leaf in two separate bowls. Chop the white part into roughly half inch slices. The greens cut into 1 inch strips. Add baby corn to the white bok choy bowl and bean sprouts and mushrooms to the greens bowl. What we are doing here is separating them by density. Harder things take longer to cook. Now chop the green onions into chives and add that to the soft things bowl.

Now it’s time to start the rice noodles. You just have to soak them in a big bowl of hot tap water. Make shure they are fully covered and just let them sit.

Now time to heat up the wok. Set it to medium high and dump in about 5 tbsp of stir fry oil. When the oil is hot dump in the bok choi and corn mixture. Add a dash of salt and about a tsp of white pepper. Mix well and add 1/4 cup mirin, 3tbsp tamari and 1 tbsp sesame oil. Stir every minute or so until the bok choy begins to get soft. Then add the mix of soft things.. the mushrooms, bok choy greens, green onions, and bean sprouts. Stir in with the hard stuff and watch the greens. Your waiting for them to wilt down a bit. When that happens it should be about time to add the noodles.

Drain the noodles and add them to the wok. Stir that shit up good makeing shure the veg is mixed well with the noodles.

After about 3-5 min the noodles should be hot and your all done! Load a bowl full and drop a dollop of hot mustard on top. Mix it in and enjoy!

Happy cooking -SirHanz


Now for something a little lighter than my last post/rant.

Someone set me on a pie kick today so I thought I would talk a bit about that beautiful round luscious thing we call pie. Let’s start with what makes a good pie.

1. It needs to be nice and hot.

2. It needs to be soft so you get a great mouth feel.

3. If you will probably need a napkin when your done you know it’s good.

4. If you taste it and want to eat the whole pie.

5. If it you can just see that sweet gooey filling that makes you just want to stick your fingers all inside it and drip it into your mouth.

WOAH! What the hell are you thinking about! We are just talking about pie here.. sheesh.. gonna go blind with thoughts like that..

And what goes great when your eating pie? Ice…. cream. Just drop it right on top of that hot pie and go at it! Its delicious! You may want to have a damp towel ready.. good pie with ice cream can leave your hands and face a bit sticky.


😏 best wishes.. -SirHanz

Fuck it.

You ever had one of those days when your so tired you want sleep more than dinner? But you know if you dont eat you will wake up starved in the middle of the night?

Yah… that’s been my day.

3 hours of sleep last night followed by 8 hours of work out in the heat. At three o’clock I thought to myself “wow, I actually dont feel too bad considering the lack of sleep and the heat.”

5 PM rolls around and I am driving home and that’s when it decides to hit me. I could barely keep my eyes open, was feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Made it home through shear willpower I think.

And now I am faced with cooking dinner.

Fuck it. Sandwiches.

Out of bread.

Fuck it. Use a bagel.

Out of mayo.

Fuck it. Just add extra mustard.

Damm I am tired…

Fuck it. Nap time.

Cooken der tatters

Der chickie vert ter tatter? Bork bork.

Uuup, der tatter en der choppen, und der two pownder tatters.

Chop, bork, in der bowl.

Ern, der oil der tatters. Bork bork.

Tossen der tatters vert der oil.

Salt, bork, gerlec purder, bork bork.

Ern der pan sperd der tatters.

Ern der uven fer ferty tic tock, un der hot hot fer vifty. Bork bork.

Eaten der tatters bork!