The Hart

Hands are hevey,
Arms of lead,
Foggy thoughts,
Drift in my head,
Deep breath,
As dreams depart,
Open my eyes,
Allow the day to start,
Hot tea and a pillow,
As I sit up in bed,
Words comeing slowly,
Writeing things unsaid,
Love and loss,
A tangled web of thread,
A net.. a trap,
On which we fear to tread,
But the bait is tempting,
Glistening with light,
Promising peace,
With just one bite,
So once again..
I place my foot in the noose,
My heart stands open,
The hunters arrows loose,
Will she be quick,
Of hand and eye?
To piece my heart anew,
And let old love die?
Or will I bleed,
A trail.. in the snow..
Force her to chase,
For the finishing blow,
Or let love..
Die slow.

Best wishes -SirHanz

A glad heart

Steps are lighter,

Smile a little wider,

Whistling while I work,

Laughing at my boss’s smerk,

In my chest.. butterflies,

A chuckle at the sweat in my eyes,

Makeing me hotter this sadist mine,

As I toil with glad heart,

In the brilliant sunshine.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The Poet.

The poets soul,

Hungers for beauty,

To let it pass through,

From blood to pen,

The poets heart,

Slashed open,

Pumping out emotion,

Inspired to bleed out,

The poets mind,

Flows like music,

Spun from the void,

demanding release,

The poets love,

Paints the world,

With deepest night,

And shades of morning.

Best wishes-SirHanz

Heart of glass

I have always said I have a heart of glass..

Beautiful to hold, the rays of dawn scatter shining rainbows of light from your hands.

But cast it away… and it shatters.

I pick up the peaces, slowly putting it back together again. It’s never the same though. You never quite find all the pieces. A chip here.. a crack that doesn’t quite fit there..

It is still beautiful, maybe even more than when it was perfect. But it isn’t whole.

Each time it is cast away and broken.. the peaces fit back together a little less.. there are more cracks. It is no less shiny and the cracks make more rainbows than ever… but hold it carefully while we look for more broken pieces. There are edges that may cut your hand. Who would want such a damaged thing.. who would press it to their chest to keep it safe.. regardless of how sharp the edges are..

Not many I fear.. for there are less broken.. softer hearts..

Used… one heart of glass… free from original owner. Fragile, do not drop.