Tea for two

They had been talking for weeks..

A message here and there…

And finally they meet..

Aucward tensions at first glance…

Is it really him? Is it really her?

A smile and a wave.. do we shake hands? Or hug?

Order and sit.. a table by the window..

Passing by they look like old frends..

Talking.. laughing.. enjoying that they know each others secrets..

Time passes.. sun sets.. tea grows cold…

Time to part.. they are both saddened at the thought..

Pay the bill and out the door…

Holding hands…

He walks her to her car… gentlemen that he is..

They hug..

He turns to leave.. she is still holding his hand..

Not letting go..

The decision is made..

A quick turn and she is pressed against the door..

All the unspoken.. all the unrealized.. all at once…

Becomes real.. with a kiss…

Hearts unfold… in lovers embrace…

Standing.. each supporting the other..

That neither may fall..

For they are both falling..

Eyes speek for them..

Each saying..

This is just the beginning.