To Be Human.

The heart that beats,
With self deception,
Is not one to be scorned,
For it is the pulse within us all…
We the human race,
Masters of self deception,
Finding hope where there is none,
Spinning fantasy from the void,
And through force of will,
And the strength of our back,
We beautiful liars,
Turn deception,
Into truth.

Think deeply on this.

I feel as though it is one of the most profound things I have ever written.

Best wishes -SirHanz

New years eve poetry

Small bubbles,
Deep amber,
Caressing foam,
Slightly bitter,
Sinking slowly,
Into complexity.

I woke to her good morning,
And held it in my heart,
I am not bemoaning,
The time we are apart,
Anticipation growing,
Day by night by dawn,
A flutter of excitement,
With each breath that I have drawn,
No masks or little banter,
Just loved for who we are,
A gift so rare and precious,
It matters not how far,
Our words will find their way,
Into open arms,
And smileing we will play,
Safe from all the harms,
One day…

Beneath the winter sun
I sit and ponder
What word may capture
How my pulse quickens
At the sound of her voice
And yet again
I am in awe
Struck dumb
That she
Finds me
To love her.

Best wishes and happy new year to all. -SirHanz

Merry Christmas

Santa may have gotten lost this year,

But I’m still full of Christmas cheer,

I had nachos for dinner,

The tequila was fine,

And cheesecake for breakfast,

Even got to work on time..

And when I get home,

All acheing and sore,

I’ll still be ok,

Because I can lock the door,

Curl up in my bed,

All comfy and warm,

And dream of my sunflower,

Untill the morn,

I dont need presents,

Or fancy food,

Or beautiful letters,

Over which to brood,

All I need is four words,

The best gift from you,

A simple marry Christmas,

And I love you too.

Best wishes-SirHanz


Two souls,
Bound by tragedy,
Sharing a gift,
A cursed legacy,
A beautiful fantasy,
Breathing words apon a page,
Secrets long hidden,
Spoken truths,
Love unbidden,
Grew strong,
Ignited lust,
Too long,
Each alone,
Bleeding out,
In poetic dance.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Tangled breath,
Entwined desire,
Twisted sheets,
Hearts on fire,
Singeing kiss,
Tasteing skin,
Carnal joy,
Impish grin,
Teaseing touch,
Thrust within,
Grasping hands,
Jeweled eyes,
Demand more,
Crave release,
Given slowly,
Again and again,
Beautiful agony,
Of pleasure.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Where she walks,
In the many splendored darkness,
Under moon and stars,
To glimpse last fadeing light,
Red and golden,
I feel her struggle,
In the pause,
To find peace…
Follow your heart,
I whisper,


Written in silver,
Flowing words,
Spiral inwards,
Touching forgotten,
Caressing desire,
Whispering truth,
Moonlight verse,
Spoken deep,
Within the warmth,
Of new love,
Held gently,
A savoured moment,
In fluttering heart.

Best wishes -SirHanz

In bed

As I lay in bed,
Listening to the rain,
A sadness decends,
That is not quite pain,
The blankets feel empty,
Though I am relaxed and warm,
The world is silent,
But for the storm,
This is my life,
My new norm,
Plenty of comfort,
From small joys and writeing,
But no one to hold,
Or to make life exciting,
So I bottle my joy,
And put it away,
Hopeing to pour it out,
Some other rainy day,
I’ll keep it safe,
As the days pass by,
To give it to you,
The sparkle returns to my eye.

Best wishes -SirHanz